Side by side images of Jamison Green and his book Becoming a Visible Man
The author, activist and public figure has fought back against trans men's erasure for decades
Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre wears a suit and blue tie; he gestures with his hands while speaking.
OPINION: Pierre Poilievre’s support of government surveillance on adult content is certainly ironic 
Side by side images of the book cover of Nino Bulling's Firebugs and a self-portrait of the author; the book cover is on a yellow background.
REVIEW: Nino Bulling’s graphic novel is an intimate portrait of a character who can’t bring themself to risk change, while hating how it feels not to
Humpback whale intercourse observed for first time—and it was between two males
A new paper shows that an encounter between two males in January 2022 is the first documented instance of humpback whale sex

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Two people shown in the "pods" from above; hearts are drawn over the image.
OPINION: Netflix, bring out the U-Hauls!
Anti-trans bathroom bills keep piling up in the U.S. Where’s the outrage?
In 2016, North Carolina’s HB2 prompted businesses, musicians and even the NBA to boycott the state. Today, at least 12 states have similar laws on the books. What changed?
‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 16, Episode 8 power ranking: Comic Ru-lief
An episode full of comedy challenges twists up the power rankings
‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 16, Episode 8 recap: Inventing Snatch
With more and more original characters, what is Snatch Game even about these days?
Desire, love triangles and bad gays are at the centre of Hanna Johansson’s ‘Antiquity’
Xtra speaks with the Swedish author about her newly translated novel
Alberta town votes to ban rainbow crosswalks, Pride flags on public property
Westlock, Alberta residents voted on the ban this week, with it passing by a slim margin of 663 to 639