Health Canada’s new regulations mean people won’t be prohibited from donating sperm based on their sexual orientation. But some restrictions remain
A collage of AI generated gay male couples. The men are muscular and all look similar. There are four pairs.
ANALYSIS: Accounts dedicated to queer AI art have popped off, but is there hope for anything beyond “boyfriend twins”?
Providing books for queer kids and teens is at the core of the Nonbinarian Book Bike’s mission
How AI image generators fail queer and trans people
The "Cass Review" and its use of AI-generated images highlight some of the key issues with depicting queer and trans people using artificial intelligence

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Collage on purple of a person with a megaphone, protesters with placards and the outline of a Canadian map
Labour unions are massive players in Canadian society. Which is why it matters that they’re engaged in the fight for trans rights—and have been for decades 
Does the Canadian Blood Services apology go far enough?
The apology to LGBTQ2S+ Canadians for a former donation ban is a good step, but more needs to be done to repair harm and build trust
Inside Out is about more than just screening films
A pioneer in showcasing queer film, Inside Out's 34th year could be it's best
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Helping patients to become their true selves
A journey to self-discovery and GraceMed Mississauga's long-running support within the trans community
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