OPINION: The mainstream “detransition” conversation is informed by transphobia, ignorance of trans history and collective denial of trans lives. Until we reckon with those realities, we won't resolve the debate
Side by side images of author Lauren Cook and his book Sex Goblin. The book is on a yellow background.
The author’s new book, “Sex Goblin,” is a collection of short prose about violence, sexuality and trying to process life 
The PTP Pink Paper logo, a pink paper with black writing outlined in thick black lines, is shown on a screen
Report shows urgent need for better queer and trans stories—and representation among the people who make them
What does the BC Conservative Party’s rise mean for queer and trans people?
An openly queer MLA just crossed the floor to join the formerly fringe party, while other Conservative candidates face scrutiny for anti-LGBTQ2S+ views

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Activists call on Prides to divest from Israel
A growing movement is calling on Pride groups to not take money from companies with financial ties to Israel’s current military operation in Gaza
Keeping you motivated on your journey to quit smoking
Just as everyone has a different story to tell, every person has a unique motivation for starting their quit journey
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Two individuals wearing red and black plaid shirts, one with a straw hat and the other with a large blonde wig, perform in a commercial in a scene from RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars Season 9 Episode 5 in a scene from RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars Season 9 Episode 5.
The queens “put the realness in real estate” for this season’s commercial challenge
What does U=U mean?
We break down ‘Undetectable equals Untransmittable,’ and what you should know about HIV treatment and prevention
Can anyone dethrone Chappell Roan for queer song of the summer?
Is “Good Luck, Babe!” destined to be this year’s Pride anthem?
Zoe Whittall on writing sex scenes, capturing trauma and what people get wrong about queer femmes
In “Wild Failure,” the poet and novelist challenges queer femme erasure in fiction