Xtra is partnering with LGBTQ2S+ nonprofits and community organizations

Xtra’s sponsorship program exists to provide marketing assistance to nonprofits and community organizations doing work to support LGBTQ2S+ individuals and communities. 

Xtra‘s sponsorship program is open to a wide range of partners — community organizations supporting queer and trans youth, health services for people living with HIV/AIDS, organizations combatting racism and transphobia, festivals celebrating achievement in queer arts, and more. One trait that all Xtra sponsorship partners share is a commitment to helping empower the creation of a free, just and inclusive society.

Sponsorship partners receive free advertising space on Xtra to promote fundraising efforts, community events, charitable causes and more to Xtra’s audience. Partners are also eligible to receive discounted rates when purchasing additional advertising space on Xtra and across Pink Triangle Press properties.

Eligibility for Sponsorship

In order to be eligible to receive sponsorship from Xtra an organization must demonstrate a commitment to supporting LGBTQ2S+ individuals and communities through its work.

Priority will be given to registered nonprofits, and organizations doing work on a national or international level to support youth, trans and BIPOC communities, and those whose funding mechanisms are most at risk.

Applying to become an Xtra Sponsorship Partner

To apply to become an Xtra sponsorship partner please fill out an application here. We will reach out to selected applicants to begin building the most effective marketing campaign to run on Xtra. Additional questions regarding sponsorship opportunities with Xtra can be sent to sponsorship@xtramagazine.com.

A few of our partners