A teacher sitting on a desk in an otherwise empty classroom. Around her, in a border, is an image of a protester yelling into a megaphone under a blue filter.
Less support and more targeting is taking a toll on educators’ mental health
Theo Germaine and Aden Hakimi are lit in purple; they are both shown from the chest up, shirtless. Germaine touches Hakimi's chest while the pair face each other. Hakimi is balding and has a short beard; Germaine has short brown hair.
Recent projects “Spark” and “Desire Lines” showcase Germaine's talents on a new level
Her latest novel, “All Fours,” unpacks the transformative, sometimes painful process of rediscovering oneself in middle age
How AI image generators fail queer and trans people
The "Cass Review" and its use of AI-generated images highlight some of the key issues with depicting queer and trans people using artificial intelligence

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The queer book bike serving Brooklyn
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