Are you testing for STIs properly?

It can take days or weeks for STIs to be detected

While many of us know testing for sexually transmitted infections  is important for keeping us and our partners safe, we may not be doing it properly. STIs have a latency period between when they were contracted and when they can be detected by a test. It can take days, weeks or even months, in the case of syphilis, for an STI to show up on a test after exposure. Xtra’s senior health editor, Ziya Jones, explains.

Get the facts, play safe … and have fun.

Lito Howse (they/them) is a queer and trans/non-binary identified videographer, editor and producer based in Toronto. They previously worked for the CBC where they wrote TV stories, edited and control room produced for News Network. They also produced videos for CBC Radio and wrote web articles for shows like The Current and As It Happens, among other roles. They speak English.

Ziya Jones

Ziya Jones is the senior editor, health at Xtra.

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