iPlanning your holiday parties

Five great apps to help create a perfect holiday get-together

’Tis the season for holiday functions. December is the time for parties and social events. Don’t get caught off guard — take a look at a few apps that will make your holiday to-do list a little easier.

Pro Party Planner

This app allows you to manage guest lists, assign tasks to co-planners, create seating charts and designate meals to diet-specific guests. The app also lets you set up time-line reminders for your tasks so you won’t forget to put the turkey in the oven. The app includes a budget calculator that syncs with your shopping lists so you can avoid unexpected surprises when you reach the checkout. It costs $4.99, which is cheaper than the Denny’s turkey sandwich you would buy after accidentally burning dinner.


Planning a large dinner? With Ziplist, you can create a grocery list that can be viewed and updated by anyone added to it. This allows you to see if your partner picked up the wine while you’re off getting the appetizers. This free app also offers a search option to view hundreds of recipes. If you see a recipe you like, Ziplist gives you the option to one-click import all the necessary ingredients to your grocery list.


If you’re preparing for a winter wedding or big staff function, forgo all the paperwork and download this app for $4.99, exclusively on the iPad. MyBanquet allows you to add your contacts to the app or create new aliases for the numbers you don’t have and import them to your event guest list. Create table plans and seating charts and email your plans to your guests so there’s no confusion come party time.

Cozi Family Organizer

This free app is perfect for the family holiday social. Create a family account that each family member can share on smart devices. Differentiate between each other with colour coding and update your calendar so you can find the best time for the family to get together. In addition, create gift wish lists, grocery lists and designate who’s bringing what to dinner. Push notifications can be set up as well, allowing Mom and Dad to remind the family when they should leave or what to bring to the house.

Cocktail Flow

What’s a party without booze? But not all of us are experienced mixologists. This free app features tons of cocktail recipes with step-by-step instructions for mixing them. If you’re using this social occasion to empty the dusty bottles from the drinks cabinet, you can enter what booze you have at home and see results for all the different drinks you can make with them.


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