Trump just released an LGBTQ2 shirt for Pride month. Here are eight others to wear instead

Over the past two years, US President Donald Trump has rolled back the rights of LGBTQ2 people, from threatening trans military members to trans students wanting to use the bathroom of their choice.

And last Wednesday, the federal government introduced a new rule allowing homeless shelters to discriminate against trans people. On Friday, it released its proposal to reverse health-care protections for trans people and those who’ve had abortions.

And yet, despite this — and the fact that the White House hasn’t issued a Pride Month proclamation for the last two years — thought it was a wise idea to release a T-shirt that says “LGBTQ for Trump,” just in time for Pride.

The shirt, which is described as an “exclusive equality tee,” and has already been discounted from $30 to $24.

Instead of giving your money to the man who hates you, here are other tees by queer-owned creators that you can rock throughout Pride Month, and everyday, because as we know, queerness will inevitably save the world.

Magic Black Femme

Queer Supply, $25

You are kind, smart and important — and magically queer and Black! Queer Supply features handmade designs by Toronto-based artists, including its founder Kit, who describes themself as ‘“a queer non-binary weirdo.”


We will honour the gradients of gender identity and remain queer as fuck

DemianDineyazhi, $48.77

To hell with binaries! Demian Diné Yazhi’ is an artist living Portland whose work is “an archivalization & exploration of memory formation, landscape representation, HIV/AIDS-related art & activism, gender/sexuality, & indigenous survivance.” Demian is also the founder of Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment (RISE), an Indigenous artist and activist collective.

Still Bisexual After All These Years

Autostraddle, $25

And it’s not going to change! What better way combat bi-erasure than to remind people with a big ol’ graphic on your T-shirt? Not bi? Autostraddle, an indie digital publication for queer women and non-binary folks has a top for everyone, including its popular Gender Traitor t-shirts and tank tops.

It’s all Fun and Gay ’till Someone Loses Their Rights

Revel & Riot, $34

We declare this the official opposition to Trump’s shirt. Revel & Riot is an LGBTQ2 non-profit organization that use T-shirts as a canvas to promote equality, pride, visibility and justice. It also does community work and donates to other LGBTQ2 organizations.

The Lesbians Are Coming

Provoke Culture, $28

RUN, HETERONORMATIVE HATERS, RUN! The lesbians are coming to rule the world! Provoke Culture is a small collective owned by QPOC women that makes custom pieces from its own members as well as artist collaborators. It gives 80 percent of all sales to the artists, and the remaining 20 to community organizations.

Audre & Gloria & Angela & Bell — The Goddess Shirt

Thugz Maison, $25

This aptly-named shirt celebrates Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzaldúa and Angela Davis, and bell hooks, the queer icons that came before us. There isn’t much merch on the site, but there is a wonderful “Butch Please” hat for the beloved butch in your life.

Trans is Beautiful

Trans is Beautiful Apparel, $18

It’s more important than ever to support trans rights. A percentage of every sale made for this shirt and other apparel, made by trans activist QuingNorelle, goes towards Werk Those Pecs, a surgery fund for trans folks.

Together We Rise

HauteButch, $25-29

Love is love, and love always wins. This is one of many uplifting and fierce shirts by HauteButch, which specializes in masculine and androgynous apparel for women, trans men and non-binary folks.

Eternity Martis is an award-winning journalist and editor who has worked at CBC, CTV and Xtra Magazine. She is the author of the bestselling 2020 memoir They Said This Would Be Fun: Race, Campus Life, and Growing Up, the course developer/instructor of "Reporting on Race: Black Communities in the Media" at Ryerson University and UBC's 2021 Journalist-in-Residence.

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