If the first thing that came to your mind reading the title of this posting was:

You are gay and/or a TLC fan and/or have an uncanny knack to retain useless music trivia. Maybe you are all of the above, though instinct tells me that is unpossible.

Why, you may ask, do I know the name if this album? As I mentioned on the old site of yore, these sorts of questions will drive you crazy, dear reader, so do not ask them. It is not a good album that much I know.

Now on to today’s question: Is “you’ve got mail!” important to me because…

1) it was a terrible movie staring Meg “Picasso Face” Ryan?


2) it was the status of my email account this morning?

If you guessed #1, I curse you and your first born with the following affliction:

<Shudder> Tom Hanks, something died in your pocket. I think it was Meg Ryan’s dignity.

Anyway, I like fanmail more than I like creepy stalk mail or passive aggressive hate mail disguised as poetry.

Here’s to the good stuff…it’s from a lovely lady-fan named Amanda Jane:

Okay so I’m cheating and I didn’t take a picture and insert my comments
about ‘what the fuck were they thinking’ but I love your arm band
tattoo of the waves and I would be forever grateful if you could tell
me where you got it/who did it ? (I’m hoping it was somewhere local and
not one of those annoying things like when you ask someone where they
got their shirt and they say Paris, but once I asked a girl where she
got her earrings and she said Barbados and I saw them in Aldo the next
week so maybe some people just like to sound exotic, but I digress.)

I hope this doesn’t
come across as stalker-ish, but I’m assuming you probably get a few
emails that are a lot creepier. So hopefully this is just flattering
and you can fill me in on the deets.

Anyway, I love your column!

Do you know the quickest way to get on this blog? Pay me shameless compliments and I will be yours forever. FOREVER! or at least until my ADD kicks in.

In case you didn’t know, I interviewed Boy George in person around 12:30am on Saturday night at Celebrities in a 2′ x 3′ dressingroom down in the basement. Who said what? Who kissed who and is willing to tell? Check back Friday morning for some excerpts.



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