2015 in review: Toronto edition

The top news stories that shaped Toronto’s LGBT community

It’s been a landmark year for queers: the US and Ireland both legalized same-sex marriage; Canada said goodbye to Stephen Harper; and Empire came out of nowhere to dazzle gay sensibilities everywhere.

But Toronto has also seen its fair share of LGBT news that affected not only our community, but the city as a whole. With a new year just hours away, let’s look back at a few of the stories that caught our attention in 2015.

“Justin Trudeau First Prime Minister to Attend Pride Toronto”

(Pride Toronto)

It was a busy year for Pride Toronto, but perhaps the biggest announcement was that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might be in attendance for next year’s parade. Other big news from Pride Toronto this year: Mathieu Chantelois was named new executive director; a men’s rights group planned (and failed) to march during Pride; and Pride plans to be a month-long now, too.

“CBC to Staff: Stay Away From John Baird”

(World Economic Forum/swiss-image.ch/ Jolanda Flubacher)

After John Baird announced he would be taking a break from politics to focus on his personal life, the glass-closet rumours came back in full force. But what really spurred the “is-he-or-isn’t-he” conversation was this leaked memo from the CBC, warning employees not to “retweet or flag” any speculative information regarding Baird’s personal life. Hmm.

“Toronto Police Issue Statement About Death of Sumaya Dalma”

(HG Watson)

The tragic death of trans woman Sumaya Dalmar left her friends, family, and even complete strangers with plenty of questions. The only official statement anyone would publicly hear from Toronto Police was that her death was not ruled as suspicious. Community members gathered at The 519 on March 3 to mourn her loss.


“Suspect in Alleged Attack on Toronto Drag Queen Arrested in BC”

(HG Watson)

When Ryan Boa was attacked on May 13, the community rallied together to help him get back on his feet and identify his assailant. With a combination of good sleuthing and cosmic karma, the main suspect was arrested — in a different province, and on different charges.

“The Flying Beaver Closes For Good”

(Adam Coish)

While it hasn’t been a good year for queer bars in general, losing The Flying Beaver to an accidental fire was an especially sad occasion for east-end queers.

(Goodbye image from: EKG Technician Salary)

Andrew was formerly the associate editor for Daily Xtra.

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