How to say ‘nudist beach’ in Spanish (Part 2)

Nothing left to hide

Just as I finished taking off my bathing suit at Playa De Las Balmins in Sitges, Spain, and got naked, I heard somebody call my name. “Mike? Hey, Mike!” I froze. It was Anton, a German guy that I’d met a few days ago at a gay bar in town. His boyfriend was with him too, smiling meekly along with three other guys, also naked. I used my hand to cover my crotch, a little embarrassed, but then removed it because it felt silly.

Anton introduced me to his friends, and each of them looked down at my penis so I looked down at theirs too. Turns out that the others were German too, and well endowed with thick, veiny penises, laying low. One of his friends kept shaking his cock with his fingers every so often, as though he was trying to wake it up. They were going on about a day trip they’d made into Barcelona the day before and so the normalcy of our conversation made me feel a little more comfortable about being naked.

“We’re just sitting over there,” Anton said, pointing to a pink umbrella at the back of the beach.

“I’ll come by and say hi after,” I promised as they left.

I decided to lay on my stomach, to hide my penis. After that encounter I just needed a nudity break, to help ease into it more. The beach was so packed that there wasn’t much privacy either. People were about three feet away from each other at most, and it was still filling up. It would’ve been easier had it not been so packed.

When I looked up, all I could see was the crotch of the daddy from before. His cock seemed relaxed; his eyes were closed, enjoying the sun. Looking at his penis made me wonder whether I needed sun screen on my cock or if it would cause an irritation. I once got soap in my urethra and it caused an infection, so I’ve always been reluctant to put lotions or creams down there. At the same time I imagined that it would get sunburnt like anything else, but would be much more awful.

The thought made me worry about my backside too and whether I’d get burned. The sun was beaming down hard—not a cloud in the sky. Anton finally returned: “Do you want me to put sunscreen on your back?” he asked.

“Um, yeah. Sure,” I said, reluctantly.

As he applied sunscreen to my back we discussed our plans for the rest of our time in Sitges. He and his partner had some dinner plans with friends every night of the week but intended to spend more time at the bars too. I told him that I would be out most nights as well. That’s when he started to apply sunscreen to my bare ass, massaging my cheeks thoroughly. The funny thing was that I didn’t mind in the least — it felt kind of nice. I was actually a lot more comfortable with it than I thought I’d be. When he was done he confessed that he found me attractive, so I thanked him for that. He said that if I needed him to apply more he’d be happy to help. Then he was gone again.


Now what? I thought. I suppose on a nude beach you do what you’d do on any regular old beach. I started reading my book and became more and more comfortable with each page. It felt nice to feel the breeze on my ass. Doing normal things naked was kind of fun.

I felt a cramp in my back so I turned over and revealed my penis again. It just hung there between my legs, touching my beach blanket like it was on display for one of the many wandering eyes.

Then, to my right, I suddenly noticed the guy who I was renting my room from in town, sitting naked not far from me. He was a quiet guy who couldn’t speak any English. Our conversations consisted of him going on in Spanish, which I couldn’t understand, and me responding back in English to what I imagined him saying. We did this all the time. I considered going up to him and saying hello but I wasn’t feeling up to struggling through a conversation, completely naked — instead I waited for him to look over and I waved proudly, legs spread. I’m sure he saw my cock.

Soon my entire body was drenched in sweat from the heat so I decided to go for a quick swim. I stood up and began walking towards the water. The closer I got to the shore, the more I felt like I was in complete sight of all those at the beach, like I was on stage. I just wasn’t scared or nervous — not anymore.

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