Could Canadian anti-trans policies foreshadow abortion rights rollbacks?

Pro-life campaigns are already connecting the dots between Alberta premier Danielle Smith’s anti-trans policies and their own agendas

This week, Conservative MP Arnold Viersen introduced a petition in the House of Commons related to reconsidering abortion rights in Canada. And while the petition itself likely won’t lead to any direct policy changes, it’s not entirely disconnected from the recent wave of anti-trans policy across Canada. 

That’s because the anti-trans and anti-abortion movements have a lot more in common than you might think, and it’s not just how dangerously anti-science they are. Just look to pro-life campaigns already weaponizing Alberta premier Danielle Smith’s anti-trans policies for their own agenda. 

Senior editor Mel Woods breaks down some of the links between the two movements, and why Canadians should be worried about not just the attacks on trans rights, but what they could mean for abortion access down the line.

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