Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model 2009 – Round 3 Review … and I’m on QueerFM

Did you catch me on QueerFM tonight talking about Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model 2009? The Terry Costa Experience landed me a semi-regular gig as a behind-the-scenes correspondent on 101.9 FM. The host is a riot. Here’s when you can catch us next:

**Tune in to 101.9 QueerFM on Sunday February 15th between 7:30pm and 8:00pm for a complete Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model recap and Sean Horlor’s thoughts on who’s going to make it to the final. Hosted by Heather Kitching.**

And now for your weekly instalment from:

On Thursday, January 29, the Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model 2009 hopefuls came out to Score on Davie for Sports Night. This event was standing room only, this time fans came in droves to vote for their favourites. And a reminder: your votes count and may actually help your favourites avoid elimination at future VNGTM events.

As far as theme nights go, this one was pretty straightforward. The models were asked to dress up in their favourite sports kit and then participated in a light-spirited Q&A with last year’s winner Aaron Ursaki, whom it turns out is quite the smart-mouthed comedian when given a microphone and a captive audience.

Here’s some news: British Airways came on board as a sponsor, which means the winner of the competion is going to receive a round-trip flight to London. And that’s England, people, not Onterrible.

Roughly halfway though the night’s proceedings, one thing became clear. The majority of our model hopefuls favour ball sports (surprise surprise). I, for one, was personally hoping for more crowd-friendly sport/sex double-entendres from the contestants. After all, what tennis players doesn’t like to take it deep and hard in the back of the court? I mean, really…though I guess there’s something to be said for keeping it clean and safe. Good sportsmanship and all that. With the exception of Adam, who plays full back for the Out for Kicks Vancouver soccer team, and I quote: “My position on the field is full back and for the record, my position on the field is the same as my position in bed.”

That’s what I’m talking about, boys…BAM!

Which brings me to my next point: there are a couple of models (Adam, Joel F, Reese) who have an easy way with the microphone and from what I can see in their photos so far, this charisma comes out loud and clear in their photos. On the other hand, you have models like Stephen and Micheil who have a definite “look” that separates them from the rest of the pack. We have eleven models left. I’m hoping everyone makes a conscious decision to step up their game in preparation for Gossip Night at 1181 on Davie and help make this thing HOT.


We also said good-bye to Stephane and Will. Here’s a photo from the VNGTM 2009 site, courtesy of David Sandford:

“Stephane (with tennis racket) and Will (with yoga mat) were eliminated
from the competition, while Stephen (the tallest of the bunch) can
continue to live his life of extreme sports including VNGTM2009

As noted above, the next VNGTM night is taking place at 1181 on February 12 at 8pm, so mark your calendar. See ya there.

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