Out in Vancouver: May 4–9, 2017

Choice events in the city this week

Thursday, May 4

DOXA Film Festival

This year’s DOXA Documentary Film Festival has an intriguing preoccupation with human-animal hybrids, from mermaids to horse-people. Check out the films Mermaids, Être Cheval, and other queer picks at showings starting today.

Shows May 4–14. See a full schedule of showtimes, or browse through the festival’s queer picks.

An Evening With Ruby Remenda Swanson

Little Sister’s, to me, is one of the best places for a book launch. You can not only listen but also eye-shop all the kinky things you’re normally too embarrassed to look at in daylight. I caught a woman doing exactly that last time I was there; she was more intrigued by the fingertip massage unit than the book. You can do the same tonight if you want, but Ruby Remenda Swanson is far more interesting. Her book, A Family Outing, tells 46 stories about how her son coming out to her led her to become a gay rights advocate.

7:30–9:30pm. Little Sister’s Bookstore, 1238 Davie St. Free. facebook.com/events/1963624373860307/

The Clothesline Swing

And speaking of book launches, journalist, author and Xtra columnist Ahmad Danny Ramadan launches his long-awaited book, The Clothesline Swing, tonight too. Don’t miss his reading from his first novel in English, which he describes as an “epic story of two lovers anchored to the memory of a dying Syria,” and inspired by the Arabian Tales of One Thousand and One Nights.

7pm. The Emerald Supper Club, 555 Gore Ave. Free. facebook.com/events/401262696900270/

Shower Power

I don’t know what the manager of Odyssey is thinking bringing in Alma B Itches as hostess on a night with hot naked men in the shower. That girl can’t tell the difference between acting as hostess and fluffer, though at her house I hear it’s all the same. Come see if the new shower goddess can keep her tongue to herself. For all you Hunter followers, tonight is the big debut reveal (see what I did there?)

9pm–3am. The Odyssey, 686 W Hastings St. Cover $5 or get on guest list at facebook.com/events/1844482229146018/.

Super Gay Bowie Thursday

The first time round, I thought this was a David Bowie tribute night. Nothing could be further from the truth; it’s much better. This monthly event is catching fire quickly with divas, drag queens and hotties in abundance. Performances by Anna May Rogue, Rich Elle, South East and Ilona may be enough for some, but top it off with DJs Del Stamp, Skylar Love, Matthew Hilton and a cherry-busting DJ debut from STILLA, and this promises to be an over the top event.


10pm. Celebrities, 1022 Davie St. Free with RSVP at celebritiesnightclub.com, or bring out the wallet. facebook.com/events/232955387181242/.

Friday, May 5

Boys Gone Wild

Girls Gone Wild videos are all about shy college girls lifting their tops, so it’s safe to assume a Boys Gone Wild wet underwear contest would involve dropping some fabric. That describes half the DJ booths in the Village on any given night, though. Tonight see some wet, clinging, skimpy, stretched-out underwear straining to hold in the goods. Casha Only, Gina Tonic, Sir John Taylor, Mona Funtasy and Brooke Davis will be there to edge everything, or everyone, along. Cover is cheaper than a good bratwurst.

9pm–12am. The Odyssey, 686 W Hastings St. Cover $5. facebook.com/events/203378050170937/

Jungle Party

Break out the loincloth and have a few shots; you may see Ryan Steele as Jane tonight. Victor Venutti and Jorge Mateos are launching their first party of the season, and what better to get people aroused than the wild jungle? Fun, music, jungle costumes, furries, and more. It’s going to be legendary.

9pm–3am. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. No cover. facebook.com/events/659899380878580/.

Sixth Annual Mr/Ms Cobalt Drag Finale

It’s finally here, the night we have all been waiting for, the night the Cobalt Duchess Peach Cobblah offers up the contestants to be the new Cobalt Queen. Head judge Isolde N Barron will cast the others aside to reveal the new monarch. Mr or Ms, all must kneel to the Duchess to be crowned. We’re down to the final nine, but only one can get the honour. It may be one of your favourites; be here to find out.

8pm–2am. The Cobalt, 917 Main St. $10 cover includes your ballot and the dance party. $1 from each ticket will be donated to Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian organization trying to help get LGBT people out of Chechnya. facebook.com/events/287428918350390/

Saturday, May 6

Blue Heron Open House

Okay, I admit it, sometimes I’m not the sharpest tack in the box. After all these posts I think I finally get the name of the group: Blue Heron. Is it because most of the members have “blue hair on”? Today is the open house for the Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club, and all are welcome to drop by. Get some free instruction, meet the members and try out a bit of bowling, country club style.

11am–3pm. Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club, 9100 Stanley Park Dr. Map and info at splbc.com/2017_open_house.

BBQ In The Burbs

You’ve tried all the tube steak around town, so why not venture to the burbs and enjoy a new wiener — in your hot dog, that is. This fundraiser is for the Surrey Pride Society, so get out and have a nice road trip topped off with a bit of fun.

11am–3pm. Save On Foods, 9014-152 St, Surrey. facebook.com/events/1770259843287175/.

Spring Thing

Have you ever tried on one of those rubbermen suits? Everyone starts sliding their hands all over you and eventually, some faster than others, your thing does indeed try to spring — hence the name of the event. Have some fun rubbering up, getting into bondage gear and enjoying some other surprises. Come talk about the direction of the club with Reid and the other regular members of the monthly meets. Always welcoming new leather and rubbermen.

2–5pm. Pumpjack Pub, 1167 Davie St. No cover. facebook.com/groups/vancouverrubbermen/.

Cinco De Mayo

I may not be smart, but I do know my dates, some even by name. Cinco de Mayo is the fifth of May, hence the cinco. Maybe this show should be called Seis de Mayo, or maybe that’s just one of the jokes for this comedy show. Hosted by Venezuelan comic Hector Rivas, this annual Latin show is set to be a night to remember. Come join some of the finest international comics who are ready to rock your mundo with laughter. The line-up includes Miguel ‘Pow Wow’ Jordan Ducharme, Alex Rockhill, Antonio Cordero, Steve Venegas Mark O’Keeffe and Andy Cañete headlining.

7:30–10pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. Cover $10 at door. facebook.com/events/1903468679931002/.

Madame Gandhi Live

Madame Gandhi is an electronic music artist and activist based in Los Angeles who gained recognition as the former drummer for M.I.A. and as the iconic free-bleeding runner at the 2015 London Marathon. Madame Gandhi now writes music that elevates and celebrates the female voice, making their stage a platform for women’s rights and a message of empowerment.

10pm. The Waldorf, 1489 East Hastings St. Cover $12. facebook.com/events/1771756533137181/.

Monday, May 8

HIV In My Day: Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

Calling all HIV-positive youth and allies. In the early years of the HIV epidemic, Vancouver lost an entire generation of vibrant, young gay men in a very short period of time, often in six months or less from diagnosis until death. This oral history project hopes to document the beginning of the HIV epidemic in Vancouver’s 1980s by having sexual minority men and their caregivers recount their experiences.

6–8pm. Chateau Granville, 1100 Granville St. Free event but must register with [email protected] or at eventbrite.ca. Info at facebook.com/youthcovancouver/.

NYET Again

In 2013, after Russian president Vladimir Putin introduced his anti-gay “propaganda” laws, one of Vancouver’s local queer theatre companies asked playwrights from all over Canada to create 10-minute pieces in response, which they presented in a one-night cabaret. As a result, Zee Zee Theatre raised thousands of dollars for the Russian LGBT Network. Now, four years later, Zee Zee and Qmunity once again present a cabaret of Canadians concerned about the reported rounding up and killing of gay men in Chechnya. Isolde N Barron and Peach Cobblah will host, featuring new work from Chris Gatchalian, Allan Morgan, Sky Gilbert, Nicola Harwood and more, and a panel discussion on what’s happening in Chechnya and how we can mobilize as a community. All proceeds will be donated to Rainbow Railroad, an organization working with the Canadian government to help LGBT people get out of Chechnya.

8–10pm. The Cultch, 1895 Venables St. Tickets $20 at facebook.com/events/1675655426073313/.

Fruit Bowl

It’s the Superbowl for gays: the Fruit Bowl! I may have just stolen a joke, but if not, then QueerProv owes me money. Two teams will be at it again! Who will come out as the cherry on top to claim the coveted Fruit Cup? Hosted by the big fruit Dan Dumsha, who is in charge of keeping order between two rival teams and ensuring the room is filled with laughter. Come down, forget about politics and have some fun.

8–11pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. Free admission. facebook.com/events/402810770050548/.

Tuesday, May 9


It’s another night of comedy, with karaoke fun to follow. Twelve of Vancouver’s hottest improv comedians present back-to-back short sketches that have never been performed for an audience before. This could be your chance to see stars in the making. Funny. Weird. Best. Worst. Unforgettable. Unforgivable. You will experience it all at this improvised sketch comedy show.

7:30pm. XYYVR, 1216 Bute St. Tickets $5 advance on Facebook site or $8 at door. facebook.com/events/189982014359708.

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