Out in Toronto: Sept 1-7, 2016

Choice events in the city this week

Friday, Sept 2

Housewarming at Bar 499

Glad Day has just barely moved into its new digs at the venue formerly occupied by Byzantium, but here’s a housewarming to make the shift feel a bit more official. Or you can consider this some kind of end of summer celebration (do people really celebrate that?). Whichever reason you decide to celebrate, this housewarming will include dance music by Craig Dominic, Joe Blow and Kaleb Robertson.

10pm. Bar 499, 499 Church St. For more info, visit Facebook.

Credit: Courtesy Rob Ven

Cream: Back 2 School Vol 2

Girls and school and going back to school with girls and schoolgirls — you really only need to string together certain words in a more or less nonsensical fashion to make this party sound enticing (provided you like girls). The back-to-school edition of this recurring queer girl party obviously includes music by DJ KLR, cheap drinks, good music, more drinks and people drinking drinks.

10:30pm. Club 120, 120 Church St. facebook.com/creamtoronto

Saturday, Sept 3

Horse Meat Disco

Disco is back and it’s gay and from the UK. The four-man DJ team, Horse Meat Disco, returns to Toronto to perform a four-hour set alongside a couple local (but nonetheless really, really good) DJs — Kris Steeves and Scooter McCreight. The second installment of the Prism Disco Series takes place on Labour Day weekend, which presumably provides even more motivation to go and dance.

10pm. Coda, 794 Bathurst St. codatoronto.com

Tapette: Édition Saloppe

Not since Charles de Gaulle and Napoleon did it doggystyle under the warm, watchful gaze of Céline Dion, has something this French and faggoty happened. DJ Phil V’s recurring dance party heads to Bloor Street for a night of French pop, disco and house. At midnight, Phil will climb onto a table and deepthroat a baguette for the pleasure of attendees — or it’s a plausible scenario anyway.

10pm. Holy Oak, 1241 Bloor St W. facebook.com/tapetteto


Credit: Courtesy Patrick Moher

DND: Ginger Edition 8

We may not survive this one. This dance party’s theme is just too many fetishes wrapped up together. It’s all gingers and daddies and ginger daddies, and a bunch of ginger daddy-lovers, all together in one place, turned on and sweaty and dancing. Not since the court of Caligula has such a perversity occurred. Dwayne Minard and itsmikeyboy spin. Gingers get in free — and it’s about time they got a break.

10pm. WAYLA Bar, 996 Queen St E. waylabar.ca

Sunday, Sept 4

Pitbull: Balls to the Wall

Fall and winter are a long, grim drudgery that makes you want to just climb over the Wall and give yourself over to the waiting claws of the White Walkers. But before that happens, there’s this late summer dance party full of sexy, scantily clad guys. It’s also the closing party for the Beaver Bowl queer rugby tournament so there are probably sexy rugby men in attendance as well. The UK’s DJ Gordon John spins.

10pm–4am. The Phoenix, 410 Sherbourne St. pitbullevents.com

Monday, Sept 5

Magic Mondays

There are worse things you could do with an evening than spending it staring at a fit man as he shakes his butt and wiggles his strangely muscular pectorals. Or watching some young tart do that slinky stripper walk back and forth across the room. Or slipping into a backroom for whatever happens back there (a lot, we hope). Tonight — and possibly every night — the all-male strip club is all about shots and hot guys.

5pm–2am. Remington’s, 379 Yonge St. remingtons.com

Tuesday, Sept 6

Naked Yoga for Men

This is a very spiritual or very sexy — or maybe some combination of the two — event. Guys can drop in to try some naked yoga, while others practice every week. It’s a judgement-free time for men of all body types and skill levels. For more information and to book your spot, contact phillip@phillipcoupal.ca. Extra mats and towels are available.

8pm. Awaken Studio, 276 Carlaw Ave. phillipcoupal.ca

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Jeremy Willard is a Toronto-based freelance writer and editor. He's written for Fab Magazine, Daily Xtra and the Torontoist. He generally writes about the arts, local news and queer history (in History Boys, the Daily Xtra column that he shares with Michael Lyons).

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