Madonna, Dita Von Teese and David LaChapelle inspire local fetish

Miriam Melanson, owner and designer of Flaming Angels Boutique, can make your twisted fantasies come true. Madonna is one of this local small-business owner’s style idols. So are pin-up girl Dita Von Teese and fashion legend David LaChapelle, who inspired her love of PVC. Miriam was kind enough to answer a few questions for Blitz and dish on how she offers an alternative to mass-produced kink.

Photographer: Nuno Silva Stylist: Nery Monzon Model: Josiah

Blitz & Shitz: What’s the most outrageous costume you’ve ever designed?

Miriam Melanson: Around 10 years ago when I first was getting started, I did an internship at a costuming studio and had the opportunity to work on a corsetry order for a local drag queen. Creating a corset to reduce the waist of a man to the end result of a female silhouette was such an amazing project to get started on and has really helped shape my interest in a diverse and alternative culture in fashion.

B&S: What’s the price range for your fetish wear?

MM: Booty shorts start at $40, and a custom corset for waist training can go up to $750. We really enjoy doing custom projects, and that is the main focus of our producing fetish wear. We know that those who attend special events are looking for something totally unique, and they want quality to match.

B&S: What made you start designing fetish?

MM: I was starting to attend Sin City fetish parties with friends and wanted really unique stuff for myself to wear to have a great time and meet new custom-clothing clients. Fetish parties are a visually stimulating place, so you want to put your best self forward and wear amazing garments to create an element of fantasy for yourself.


B&S: What kind of things can you custom make?

MM: Booty shorts, corsets, chaps, bondage pants, pencil or slit skirts, alternative suits and tuxedos, trench coats, nurse, maid and cop costumes, nun and priest costumes, straitjackets, etc. And of course, PVC.

B&S: Where can people find more info?

MM:Contacting us directly to tell us how we can dress you up! Email or call 604-689-3224 for a consultation. We run our studio from our shop at 4307 Main St.

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