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Igor Dewe’s debut. Igor Dewe

Igor Dewe is a magical hot being who when performing dresses like a fantastical club kid from the planet Naboo. Recently, Dewe has been getting into music, and the video for his new single, “Sexual Obsession,” is getting a lot of attention. Is it merely a brilliant pop song or a stand against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law? Let’s find out!

Sissydude: Hi, Igor! So excited to be interviewing you! I’m a great admirer of your work. I have a major crush on you, too. I just want to hold you in my arms, give you butterfly kisses and feed you home-baked cookies. Yep, I just said that.

Igor: <3 <3 <3

On your website, igordewe.com, you describe yourself as “a creature born out of pure frustration of too much hotness and beauty.” I can totally relate to that, but can you clarify?

Hahaha! Actually, it’s not me but my best friend Maja Bergström who wrote that. It’s too difficult to describe myself, and I don’t really feel pretty, but it’s true that I can feel very frustrated. I have to work and do things if I feel depression coming on.

Lets start at the very beginning. You were born in Russia. Can you tell us where? What was your childhood like? Were you always creative?

Actually, I wasn’t born in Russia! My father is half Russian. I lived in Moscow for three years when I was a kid. My parents are both welders. My mother is Spanish, and they worked in different suburbs. My childhood was fine; I always wanted to make shows and dance.

Why did you move to Paris? Was it because it’s a New York–like cultural mecca?

Well, my dream was to leave the suburbs and live my sexual life openly, and I didn’t have lot of money, so I moved to Paris at 17. It was not super easy. My body was fresh and hungry to discover and experiment. I met nice people and made friends in clubs because I went out almost every night. Paris is so beautiful, but I would like to move to New York soon.

I really adore all of your street performances and costumes and styling. Making the magic seems elaborate and done with so much love (both your personal work and the amazing spectacles that you do with House of Drama). You have said in the past that creating “is like an urge, a sexual drive.” Can you tell us your process?


Thank you! Generally, I draw something, think of a concept and story, and then I just get down to it. I do my best, but for now I’m concentrating more on music.

Yes, with House of Drama we create little costumed shows. We have lots of shows planned in the next few months. On Nov 14, we will be in concert with the group La Femme.

It’s great that we don’t have to live in Paris or New York to experience what you do. It’s all so well documented on YouTube. Your “Fashion Car Wash” performance is sweet, but when the security guards start harassing you it really breaks my heart. You were also thrown in jail for a day at Art Basel in Miami for wearing heals. Unbelievable!

Yes, that’s the big problem. With street performance you are always interacting with police or security, but the danger can also make it very exciting. Miami was crazy, but the worst thing was when I was beaten by six security guards on the floor of the Delano Hotel. They hit my face and stomach; they tried to break my arm. Well, I’ll stop there.

You know, I totally love your new song “Sexual Obsession.” It’s like all the best parts of early-80s Madonna, Soft Cell and Jean Paul Gaultier rolled into one sweet and exciting love anthem.

Those are some of my favourite artists! I love ’80s new wave. I’m also listening to The Human league, Divine, DAF, and one of my biggest idols is The Cicciolina! I love a lot of different music. I listen to reggae, ’90s Euro dance, and I’m gonna be working on doing different styles of music in the next month.

Is this your first song? What was the creative process in writing the song?

Yes, one night I was on a gay chat and one guy’s profile name was “Sexual Obsession.” It made me want to do a song on my sexual obsessions, but I didn’t know anything about music, so I took some evening classes.

Then I searched on the internet and I found Gerald Kurdian and asked him to work with me. It was not easy at the beginning. We tried different sounds. But one evening while we were supposed to work we kind of had a “physical crush.”

The morning after, he was playing on his old synthesizer, and I said, “That’s what I need!” He composed the music and I wrote the lyrics and melody. We made a demo, but the sound wasn’t great, so I brought it to a studio.

I heard you got terrible sunburn shooting the video. Any other fun things happen? Were all of the sexy men in the video your friends?

Well, all was really nice and fun during the video — it was so cool! I want to do that every day, but it’s hard to organize. The video is full of my best friends. One friend was missing, but he’s kind of there, too, because when I recorded the song, I imagined him in front of me. I was a bit in love with him. It’s my sexy family. They’re like my brothers, but I have sex with most of them.

A few people have written that the song is your stand against Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law. I guess I was too entranced by your dancing oh-so-sexy-like in your crop top. And your ass! Wow!

I just want to do “love propaganda.” The simple fact of doing something gay is against this law. I didn’t make the video specifically for this law. I just wanted to do something totally amusing and to show people how I’m free to act how I want. And I like that people talk behind my back, saying that I’m a slut, because I totally am.

Can you tell me about your thoughts on what is happening in Russia? Do you think the boycotts are a good thing? What is it like for you to be a gay boy in Russia?

I didn’t know I was gay when I was there, but what is happening now is horrific. All the videos I see with gays and trans people being beaten and tortured — how can humans act like that? I think that Russians are embittered, and living in a dictatorship doesn’t help. I think boycotting Russian vodka is great.

I truly think the way to fight evil in the world is with love and art. I know that’s why I love you, Igor. Keep sharing yourself and your magical body extravaganzas with the world. And make more music, please!

Thank you very much! Yes, I’m working on more music, with my friends James Darle (from the group Salut C’est Cool) and Benoit Larrieu. I’m working on my next video! I’m gonna shoot it soon.


Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

Yes I do.

What is your favourite colour?


What do you like to snack on?


Salty or sweet?


What is/are your favourite book/books?

Old sex pictures.

Favourite movie/movies?


Favourite art/artists?


Favourite TV show/shows?

I don’t have TV.

What is/are your favourite pizza topping/ toppings?


Favourite sex fetish/ position?

Front/front — I like to look in the eyes. If not that, then on the side.

Boxers, briefs, jockstrap, lace panties, bikini or commando?



Bad smell.

Coffee or tea?


Leather or lace?


When was the last time you cried?

Last week, on a video of a trans person being beaten in a park in Russia.

How often do you masturbate?

Every day, if I don’t fuck.

Do you have any bad habits?


What is your best characteristic?


What makes you laugh?

Sex stories.

Kitties or puppies?


What would you like to say to your fans?

That I love them and that’s why I keep doing things!

What is your favourite body part (yours or someone else’s) and what do you like about it?

Penis (mine and someone else’s).

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I’m really shy.

*Update! Igor recently released a new video for his latest single “Do Me” – be sure to check it out.

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