Holiday gifts for every queer in your life

Let our holiday gift guide point you in the right direction

The holiday shopping season is upon us. Mariah Carey is back, Happiest Season is playing on TV and the supply chain crisis is, well, crisis-ing. 

Hanukkah is right around the corner and this week marks exactly one month until Christmas. And with the global supply chain in disarray, that means it’s crunch time for your holiday shopping. But don’t be alarmed! We’re here to help with our very official unofficial Xtra holiday gift guide. 

These items have been independently and expertly selected by Xtra—we don’t receive any payment or support for recommending them. 

With that in mind, here’s our super queer gift guide for 2021. 

For the horny queer who loves celebs

A Demi Lovato vibrator

We love a novelty sex toy. After having a big 2021 with coming out as non-binary, chasing aliens and also falling down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, Demi Lovato decided it was the perfect moment to drop their own vibrator. And who am I to disagree? The Demi Wand comes in a portable charging case and two colours: beige and yellow.

“There is nothing more empowering than taking your pleasure into your own hands. We have spent far too long pretending we are not sexual beings—it’s time for us to put this stigma to rest. We are all deserving of pleasure. We are all deserving of orgasms,” Lovato said in a press release.

Can I get an amen—and a gift wrap—on that? 

For the Schitt’s Creek superfan

Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt’s Creek by Daniel Levy and Eugene Levy

This keepsake coffee-table book is a culmination of the beloved show, and the perfect gift for that friend who won’t stop talking about Moira Rose. It’s got photos, character profiles and reflections from Dan and Eugene Levy. Whether it’s your pal who’s made the “wine, not the label” speech their entire personality or that earnest gay in the office Secret Santa, it’s hard to disappoint with this one. 


For the queer with a dog

Rainbow pride dog collar from the Human Rights Campaign

Your dog loves equality, right? Show it off with this cute rainbow collar. Or better yet, gift it to your friend who’s absolutely obsessed with their dog. All proceeds go to supporting the HRC’s LGBTQ2S+ activism, so you know you’re showing pride for a good cause. 

For the queer who is a dog

Wruff Stuff pride flags puppy hood

Meanwhile, some dogs… need a bigger collar

For the luxurious gay

Lil Nas X Montero robe

Opulence. Extravagance. Sexiness. That’s what this robe is about, and it’s the perfect gift for the Lil Nas X fan in your life. And if that doesn’t have you convinced, let this review from the official website do the talking: 

This robe is perfect for wearing after having gay sex in the shower. The soft material makes me feel like a rich bitch who just got dick. It’s also great for wearing before having gay sex because of the convenient belt. I simply untie the belt with a gentle tug and just like that I’m naked and ready for gay sex. I would imagine it works just as well for straight sex but I wouldn’t know because I am gay. 10/10 would recommend.

For the newly-out they in your life (or your loved ones who could use some resources)

A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan Jimerson

This pocket-sized comic is a comprehensive and educational take on they/them pronouns and how to use them. It’s a perfect gift to show that non-binary cousin that you’re an ally, or something to tuck into your mom’s stocking so she can help get your pronouns right, too. Better yet, buy multiples and give ‘em to every family member. 

For those lesbians who just had a baby and love bad TV

The L-Word Generation Q onesie

You know that couple in your life who’s recently settled down, found a great apartment and brought a new little one into their life? This Generation Q onesie will ensure the next generation continues to reluctantly watch garbage TV even though we know it’s bad for us.

For the party gay

Double Scorpio holiday blend

Who said poppers had to smell bad? Double Scorpio’s made it their mission to make poppers that are fun and smell great. Their holiday blend packs all of the regular pop, with a festive cherry and orange essence scent. Now that the clubs are reopening, let this gift serve as a fun invite to a night out on the town with your favourite party gay. 

For the board game party gay

The Queer Agenda 

For other gays, a night in at home with some close pals is more where it’s at, and that’s where The Queer Agenda comes in. Imagine if Cards Against Humanity was written by queer and trans people. This upbeat party game is the perfect gift for your board game friend (we all have one!) or that person you want an excuse to hang out with more. 

For the sissy, angry girl, emo queer and/or crybaby in your life

MUNA T-shirt

It may not be silk chiffon, but it’s nearly as soft. For the sad sapphic in your life—or anyone you know with big sad sapphic energy—this T-shirt from the latest craze in indie lesbian music will certainly fit the bill.

For your trans bro on the go

Stealth Bros & Co’s Jr Dopp Trans Vibe

Discreetly taking hormone replacement therapy injections on the go can be a hassle, and that’s where Stealth Bros & Co come in. Their handy little injection supply cases turn that weekly shot into a swanky, easy-to-pack affair. With pockets for everything from syringes to a medical vial, this is the kind of practical gift your pal on HRT will love. 

For the reluctant Drag Race fan

Trains flag mug

Several years ago when addressing criticisms that Drag Race was not inclusive of trans performers, RuPaul memorably tweeted an image of a “trains flag” instead. The Gender Reveal podcast has lovingly memorialized the moment on this mug, with art by Xtra contributor Niko Stratis, and the friendly reminder that yes, RuPaul fracks. It’s a perfect gift for your friend who’s always complaining about the problems with Drag Race and RuPaul but who still tunes in every week for those lip syncs for your life. Proceeds from the mug’s sale go to support the Encampment Support Network in Toronto. 

Senior editor Mel Woods is an English-speaking Vancouver-based writer and audio producer and a former associate editor with HuffPost Canada. A proud prairie queer and ranch dressing expert, their work has also appeared in Vice, Slate, the Tyee, the CBC, the Globe and Mail and the Walrus.

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