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What to watch, read, listen to and look at: July 16

What to watch: Slo Pitch

With major league games cancelled for the summer, get your sports fix with the digital web series Slo Pitch. The show follows a queer female softball team trying to make it to the championships of their competitive beer league. The mockumentary focuses on an overly invested coach named Joanne—played by Kirsten Rassmusen, and her attempts to take her underdog team The Brovaries all the way to championships. Slo Pitch celebrates diversity both on and off the screen. Its creative team is either female or non-binary and the cast is mostly people of colour. There are 10 eight minute episodes of the show available on OutTVGo, Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

What to read: The Extraordinaries by T.J. Klune

Award-winning author T.J. Klune is making his YA debut with the queer novel The Extraordinaries, a coming-of-age story about a boy named Nick and his discovery of true love while navigating writing, relationships and ADHD. Set in the fictional Nova City, a group of superheroes called the Extraordinaries live and have a dedicated following. Nick is the most popular fanfic writer in the superhero fandom and his writing is inspired by a crush on one of the heroes, Shadow Star. Nick gets the chance to meet Star but wants to make sure he’s impressive enough for the notorious superhero. Nick asks his best friend Seth to help him with the process of becoming extraordinary before discovering who his true love really is. The Extraordinaries was released on Amazon, July 14.

What to listen to In Defense of My Own Happiness, Volume 1 by Joy Oladokun

Singer/songwriter Joy Oladokun.

Singer/songwriter Joy Oladokun. Credit: Nolan Knight

Singer/songwriter and self-labelled sensitive stoner Joy Oladokun is releasing her second album In Defense of My Own Happiness, Volume 1, on July 17. The album reflects on her feelings about the world, her future and her hopes as a queer Black woman. The Arizona-born singer takes inspiration from artists like Tracy Chapman and Lauryn Hill to develop her blend of folk, R’n’B, pop and classic songwriting. The album features nine tracks, including the single “Breathe Again” that was released on May 27. The song tackles self-imposed perfectionism, letting go of inner doubts and embracing in between the “light and dark that is our humanity” In Defense of My Own Happiness, Volume 1 will be available to stream on July 17.


What to look at: The Heart Can’t Wait exhibition by Steven Beckly

“The Heart Can't Wait” by Steven Beckly.

“The Heart Can't Wait” by Steven Beckly. Credit: Courtesy Daniel Faria Gallery

Toronto-based visual artist Steven Beckly is presenting a solo exhibition at the Daniel Faria Gallery titled The Heart Can’t Wait. Beckly’s photographs and sculptures are suspended in the Toronto gallery space by ropes and chains. The exhibition tackles matters of the human heart like love, desire, grief and loss, exploring how those things shape the heart and the way people love. The Daniel Faria Gallery has released a five-minute walkthrough video where Beckly discusses themes of sexuality, intimacy and spirituality in his pieces while giving the audience a tour of the exhibit. The Heart Can’t Wait is open to the public with limited hours and visitors until August 22. The video and photos of the installations are viewable on the gallery’s website.

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Sarah Taher is a Toronto-based multimedia journalist. She is an associate producer at CBC News: The National. Her freelance work can be seen in Xtra and The Pigeon, where she typically covers LGBTQ2S+ arts and culture, intersectional identities, and religion. Sarah has a BA in Journalism from Humber College. You can follow her on Twitter @sarahftaher

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