‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Season 2 Episode 10: The hot mess express

How Bette Porter single-handedly destroyed the lives of four L.A. lesbians in under five minutes

“Honestly, I’ve never liked a guy more in my life.” —Shane McCutcheon

We’ve arrived at our destination: Lesbian Hell. Thanks for riding the Hot Mess Express with us this season of The L Word: Generation Q! Season 2 may have finally come to a close, but we’re still experiencing whiplash. Our dear L.A. lesbians are making some interesting choices: Bette is breaking up an almost-marriage, Shane can’t figure out the meaning of long-distance relationships, Alice can’t stop herself from snooping, Dani is in contempt of court and so much more. And of course, our roller coaster ride ends right at the edge of a cliff. Hang on tight! Xtra’s senior editor Erica Lenti and managing producer Chelle Turingan host.


Erica [00:00:09] Welcome back to ‘Off The Chart.’ It’s the finale! We’ve made it! This is episode 10 of season two, ‘Generation Q.’

Chelle [00:00:18] This season we have been watching ‘The L Word: Generation Q’ with you, bringing you our unfiltered take on the new series reboot every Tuesday, because we still can’t get enough of those L.A. lesbians. 

Erica [00:00:30] I’m Erica Lenti, senior editor at Xtra, and I want to do shots with Gigi’s family 

Chelle [00:00:36] And I’m Chelle Turingan, managing producer at Xtra, and Tibette’s got me feeling some kind of way. 

Erica [00:00:43] Ooh, good way? Bad way? All of the above. 

Clip [00:00:47] Second place. I just can’t believe that this is going to be the thing that takes us down after everything that we’ve been through. And this is exactly what you wanted. I hope you’re happy. I am sorry. 

Erica [00:00:59] OK, Chelle, a lot of storylines wrapping up, a lot, not wrapping up as per ‘The L Word’ way, but what themes stuck out to you this episode? 

Chelle [00:01:09] Well, I think Angie said it best, that life is too short. And so we got to make big moves, and a lot of big moves were made in this season finale. We see Sophie finally move out so that she can stop enabling Finley, but Finley finally decides to go to rehab. Gigi wants Dani to meet her entire family. Dani chooses not to testify for her father and gets arrested for contempt of court. And, of course, Bette swings really big with Tina, to our dismay.

Erica [00:01:47] Oh God.

Chelle [00:01:48] A lot of big moves in episode 10. 

Erica [00:01:51] Yeah. Let’s just jump right into it, let’s recap, let’s do it. OK, let’s start off with the biggest storyline of the episode: Bette, Pippa, Carrie and Tina. Everybody’s talking about Tibette in this episode, and it starts with Pippa, who questions if Bette has feelings for Tina still. She denies it. But then, while shopping for a wedding gift for Carrie and Tina, Shane and Alice ask the same question of Bette. That’s when Shane spills the beans, which she probably shouldn’t have. That Carrie is having cold feet about the wedding with Tina. That prompts Bette to then go to Alice’s going away party, where she starts talking with Tina, and Carrie overhears it and has a huge reaction and just decides to end things with Tina. And as they’re ending things, Pippa is also there because of course she is. So she’s not sure what’s going on with Pippa. She’s not sure what’s going on with Tina, but we end the episode on a classic ‘L Word’ cliffhanger. Tina shows up at Bette’s doorstep. Of course she does. Why do we think of all of this Chelle? Because I have a lot of feelings about how the writers have handled this entire situation in one episode, but I want to hear how you feel first. 


Chelle [00:03:13] Well, OK, let’s start with one good point, I will give it to the writers that the cliffhanger matches the hypothetical scenario that everyone is mentioning. 

Clip [00:03:25] If Tina was to show up at your doorstep right now. Well, I wouldn’t know because I’m here with you. And she says, I’m in love with you and I want to try again. What do you say? Oh my God. What would you say, a flawed premise? Seriously. 

Chelle [00:03:43] Or like Alice’s going away party, like that whole mess in the club? Like what the heck happened? Like Bette just managed to ruin four lives in like five days. It’s insane. She finds the opportunity. She brings it up. You know, like Carrie overhears them. Carrie breaks up with Tina in a snap. Tina gets mad and then Bette sees Pippa. It’s just like, what just happened? I had to watch that scene like three times to be like, what is going on? Like they jammed a lot of shit right into that scene that was super important. And like, all of that dialog, was terrible. 

Erica [00:04:26] Yeah.

Chelle [00:04:28] lI just feel ike they rushed through that really, really fast. So I would say that Alice’s going away party was was rough. What did you think Erica?

Erica [00:04:38] No, no, no. I completely agree. Like, there’s two things that really sucked for me. One was like, Bette never actually said what she was thinking. She was like, you know, Shane and Alice asked me if you would show up on my doorstep, what, like, what would I do? And then she never actually says what she would do, it’s very possible that she’d be like, But I realized that like, that’s not what I want in life or something. And Carrie jumps to conclusions. No one lets anyone talk. Carrie breaks up with Tina in the middle of a going away party at a bar. Yeah, I mean, my biggest qualm about all of this is surprisingly the treatment of Rosie O’Donnell’s character, Carrie, which if you had asked me before season two started if I was about to be here like, justice for Carrie, I would have been like, no, no way. But justice for Carrie, like her character, turned out to be so wonderful. We really loved her. I thought she was a great match to Tina. You know, she was such an opposite to Bette, which really felt nice to see. You know, Angie loved her, and I think most of all, which I’ve seen a lot of flack online already, is she was probably the only butch character on the show, like a super butch, like real dyke character. I just think that that’s so important and now we’re losing that representation. But I do want to note that most of our viewers saw this coming, which is also probably means that the writers didn’t do enough of a good job to at least give us some sort of shock or surprise in the episode. About 60 percent of you said that you didn’t think Carrie and Tina were going to make it to the altar. Not a big surprise, I don’t think. What do you think Chelle?

Chelle [00:06:30] No, we’re not surprised. It’s interesting because there were some really, some really great comments in the last episode on the YouTube channel where people were saying in the comments that like, it would be totally regressive of Bette and Tina to just like, fall back into each other, which was a common, I guess, I wasn’t expecting to see from like die-hard fans, like we joke from episode to episode that like, everybody loves Tibette. But maybe they don’t, like you know what I mean? Like people are like, no, like people move on. People grow away from each other, like they grow out of love. Like to actually smash them back together is like, it’s like a bad call, and it’s not good character development for either of them. I feel like the writers did the cliffhanger as fan service, but maybe the fans don’t actually want this. 

Erica [00:07:28] That’s possible. I mean, I don’t know. How do we think this cliffhanger is going to unfold? I mean, I think that people think that it means that Tibette is going to be together. I don’t totally buy that the writers will just do that. Like I think in the original series, the thing with Tibette was like, this will they won’t they push, pull, they’re together, then they’re not. Then they’re screwing it up, then they’re not. Then they’re together. Then they love each other. Like, I think the writers keep wanting to play at that. But I think after six seasons of the original show and now two seasons of the reboot, like, I kind of don’t need that anymore. I’ve kind of grown past it. I thought it was interesting that Bette never really said what she was trying to say to Tina. When Carrie interrupts, and then it’s not really clear if she’s going to the CAC show for Pippa, because it looks like she’s on her way out. But then Tina is at her doorstep, so it’s not clear that they’re going to, you know, necessarily get together in season three, which I should note: it is not renewed for season three yet. And I believe the ratings haven’t been that great. So it’s also possible that this is the end of ‘The L Word: Generation Q’, which would just be like a hot mess in itself. Like, can you imagine this being the end of the show? 

[00:08:50] It’ll just be Bette screaming “Tina” into the void. 

Erica [00:08:55] All right, on to Sophie and Finley. Off of last episode, it seems like it’s probably time for Finley to get some serious help, and our main cast agrees. They all decide to host an intervention for Finley. She’s pretty clueless as to what’s going on, but when she finally catches on, she’s like, No way, I don’t need this. She continues drinking. Sophie is not having it anymore. She decides to move out for her sake. So then Finley goes on a bender, comes out of a club in the middle of the day, and then she realizes, actually, I probably do need to go to rehab. So she goes to rehab, courtesy of Alice’s dollar, I should say, some very fancy L.A. rehab. So it looks like Finley is finally getting some help. We still don’t know what exactly is at the root of her drinking, but I’m curious what you thought about the whole intervention, the way that the episode sort of touched on drinking, Chelle. What did you think of that? 

Chelle [00:10:07] Well, I will say that like the intervention coming in hot right off the top of the episode was maybe the strongest scene in the episode. 

Clip [00:10:17] We’re worried about you. We found a place that we think can help. Oh my god. 

Chelle [00:10:22] I did think it was interesting that, you know, we have Tess, who is also a recovering alcoholic who is sober, who is kind of helping to guide some of the conversation there and to reinforce to Sophie, as we saw in episode nine that like, you know, we we all love her. But if we let her continue acting this way, then we’re just enabling her. So it was really interesting to see some of that perspective. What did you think of the intervention? 

Erica [00:10:53] Yeah, Tess is, you know, a gem on this show, consistently one of the best characters. So I agree with you there. I think that this season in particular has had an interesting way of handling drinking. But we had that weird thing with Carrie in like episode eight I think it was, where she gets really drunk. Shane mentions that she saw Carrie at a meeting, an AA meeting, and she’s like, No, no, no, it was for overeating, but we never really get clarity on whether Carrie has a drinking problem, which I just want to shout out to AV Club who pointed this out as well. And the other thing that The A.V. Club had pointed out in their review of this episode was that the shot of Finley being taken to rehab by Sophie is like juxtaposed with Dani and Gigi doing shots with her family, which we’ll talk about later. But like, how? I don’t think they purposefully did that. It didn’t seem like they were trying to send some kind of message through that. It just felt kind of careless. So I think that the show is really grappling and trying to do the right thing here, but they don’t always, and they sometimes have these lapses in writing or lapses in the way scenes are backed on to one another. So I didn’t love that. I want to talk about Sophie and Finley’s relationship next though. This relationship has been interesting throughout this season. We haven’t really loved it. What do you think now that we’re at the finale, we finally have a scene where it seems like Finley is trying to take care of herself. What do you make of the two of them together? 

Chelle [00:12:43] Oh gosh, I really…I have a lot of mixed feelings about these two. Like, I really bought their chemistry in season one. And it’s interesting to me that in season two, when they’re finally together, I don’t buy their chemistry. Like, you know, Finley, you know, storms in on Sophie’s wedding and ruins it. Sophie, like, declares her love at a karaoke night, like on stage, which is kind of like, horrifying. And then like, you’ve left this really long term relationship, to be in a relationship with essentially someone who is your former coworker who was maybe just around and like you had a particular kind of relationship and you were still trying to get to know each other. And then all of a sudden, you’re having to deal with this person going through a very serious moment, right? Like Finley needs help. When Sophie was like in the intervention was like, it all seems to be happening really fast. I was like, word, yeah, it is! What did you think, Erica? 

Erica [00:13:52] Yeah, completely agree. I think that we’ve said it so many times in the course of the season, like these two really needed to be alone, and I don’t think that putting them in a relationship together helped them grow in any particular way. I mean, I said last episode I was grateful that Sophie didn’t feel like a cure-all for Finley, but that kind of feeling kind of resonated with me when she was dropping her off at rehab. Like Finley came out of the club and I was like, I love Sophie and I need to go to rehab. Like, that was sort of the vibe I got. And I’m like, Oh, like, do it for yourself, dude. Like, you are worth, you know, getting better for on your own. You don’t need somebody to do that. I genuinely think these two have been through so much trauma over the past. Like God knows how long, that they really need time apart. And I mean, maybe Finley being in rehab will give her time apart and they’ll be better, but I just, I really wish that they had been on their own. And I know this is ‘The L Word’ and I know that we’re all watching for the relationship drama, but this wasn’t fun to watch. 

Chelle [00:15:05] I mean, I’d love to see a season three with the two of them are single like, I would love to see a season three where Finley is in rehab and we figure out why the hell she’s drinking in the first place. Like, I think the writers have done Finlay dirty. You know what I mean? Like I said this a couple of episodes back, Finley was such an interesting character in season one, like, you know, and we really felt empathetic for her. And in season two, like she was just a hot mess that we were embarrassed for. So like, justice for Finley. And and like, it makes Sophie just like, you know, just her counterpart, like Sophie has this career. She’s like, she’s her own person, and she ends up just, as she said, like being Finley’s babysitter. Like, these two are characters that deserve, like their own storylines away from each other. So if there is a season three, that’s what I would love to see. 

Erica [00:15:58] Majority of you guys thought that these two would not make it to the finale. You’re wrong. I just hope that if there is a season three, these two come out more developed if they have to be together. All right, on to Dani and Gigi. Dani has to testify for her dad in court, but once she goes into the courtroom, she’s absorbing all the awful details about what her dad’s pharmaceutical company has done and is responsible for. She has a panic attack. Gigi takes her out. She decides to leave instead of testifying, which is a big no-no. Anyway, Gigi’s like, Come meet my family, it’s all good. She goes to a restaurant for dinner. Everything seems to be going well, and then the cops show up and arrest her for contempt of court because that’s what happens when you don’t testify. I feel like we’re about to see Dani’s Jailhouse Helena from the original series era. Like, that’s what I’m vibing here. What did you make of all of this in this episode, Chelle? 

Chelle [00:17:07] Well, we all know that Dani looks good in a suit. She’ll probably look good in orange jumpsuits. But yeah, I mean, I can understand why Dani, like, wants out. 

Clip [00:17:22] Just testify. You tell them the truth. You tell them I’m innocent, are you? 

Chelle [00:17:28] I think she’s been beholden to her father her entire life. Like her mother passed when she was very young. Like her father is all she has, right? She had to do that family duty until she realizes, like, my dad is actually awful and I can’t do this. So it makes sense to me that she would walk away. Like, let’s just say, props to Gigi for being like the best girlfriend ever, or yelling at Papa Dani’s lawyers to be like, Can you just be human for a moment? Like, Look at her, she’s a mess. They just let her leave and then arrested her right away. But of course, you know, we want to see the drama. So you know what’s more dramatic than getting arrested when you’re meeting your girlfriend’s family for the first time? I’m proud of Dani for standing up for her own core values and saying no. But like, I kind of think it’s unfair that she, like goes to jail for his sins. What did you think? 

Erica [00:18:29] Yeah, I mean, I will say it’s pretty amazing to me how much our opinion and I think larger public opinion of Dani has shifted. I’ve really loved watching Dani sort of lose everything and build herself back up. I’ve said, that’s what I wanted from her this season, and she did it. I also think what I love about Dani and Gigi is that Dani is building her character and coming into her own despite dating somebody. Gigi has not become the center of Dani’s universe. She’s still very much stands on her own as a character, and I think in the same way that Bette, Shane and Alice can stand on their own without a romantic partner, Dani is one of the only characters of the reboot that now has. We know who she is, we understand what her motivations are, and those motivations aren’t tied to a romantic relationship, and I love that. Gigi has been a shining star this season. I am like, so grateful for her character. She has brought levity and humor and also some like incredible sex scenes that we cannot ignore. I love her character so much. I think that her and Dani are actually quite a good match. On Twitter, 95 percent of you hoped that Dani and Gigi would be endgame. But on Instagram, it was 50/50, so there’s some divisiveness there. What do you hope to see from Dani and Gigi in a potential season three Chelle? 

Chelle [00:20:08] I think it’s interesting that, you’re still not sure if you buy it. I think midseason I was with you, and like as we’ve been going from episode to episode and really seeing their relationship grow, I’m like, I’m a fan of the ship. It has all the parts, know they have physical chemistry, but they also have good communication. You know, they have this unspoken understanding, having shared cultural references, like they seem really well suited and a lot of ways, you know, Gigi is incredibly supportive during Dani’s moment at the trial. Like it’s just like, you know, really stands up for her and yells at the lawyer, like, that’s what you want from a partner, like someone who’s going to, despite whether or not that was a good idea for Dani to leave, like Gigi, like, I’m here, I’m here to support Dani, whatever she wants. So like, I’m kind of loving this ship. I’m with Twitter on this one. Who are you with? 

Erica [00:21:12] I would agree. I do think they’re probably one of the best relationships we’ve seen. You know, if we could see more of Micah and Maribel, I might feel the same about them as well. The show just neglects two of its most interesting characters for some reason. I don’t know why. Writers, what are you doing? Yeah. If I had to choose of sort of the core reboot characters, Dani and Gigi would probably be my number one ship. I justt, anything with Gigi is kind of great I’ve realized. She is by far the MVP of season two. Thank God we had her. All right, on to Alice and Tom. Alice is throwing her own going away party, of course, as she heads on a 12 week book tour. She gets a little bit bummed out when she sees that she has a bad review in The New York Times, but then she feels a little better because she’s on a bestseller list. Jenny Schecter is 100 percent rolling in her grave at this news. But then, as Tom and Alice head out on the tour, they’re on a flight and Alice ends up finding a ring in Tom’s pocket. I am kind of shocked, like I was reading a timeline on Autostraddle all of the season. It’s only been like two months. Like, what have they been together three weeks? What do you think is going on here Chelle? I’m bewildered. 

Chelle [00:22:40] I mean, for the cis straight guy, this is a lesbian move to bring the engagement ring. I was like, what? Like, what? Yeah, like you said, like, they’ve only been dating for like a few weeks. They’ve been on like how many dates? It’s like, Oh my God, what is it with everyone on this show, just like moving at lightning speed? Like, I love Tom, don’t get me wrong, but like the engagement ring like threw me off a little bit. What did you think when you saw that? 

Erica [00:23:14] My guess is that it’s like a red herring. I think Tom was, I guess he broke up with someone like not too long ago, maybe he was planning on proposing and it just happened to be in his pocket. I don’t, I don’t know. It would be like super gay of him to propose after a few weeks of dating. Like, I know they got deep in the Dana chapter, but I think they have a lot more to learn about each other. But I will say, I completely echo Shane’s comment about Tom, which was, she’s never liked a man more than him before. True. Like, I’ve never liked a man on the show more than Tom. I love them as a couple. I think they’re really cute. I hope they don’t ruin them. I don’t know. We’ll see. I mean, Alice planning a wedding could be really fun. 

Chelle [00:24:10] Oh, that would be a fun wedding. 

Erica [00:24:12] Yeah, like that could be a really fun thing to watch. 

Chelle [00:24:15] What would be, what would they have for dinner? Lobster? 

Erica [00:24:19] Oh my God. No, he’s allergic!

Chelle [00:24:21] I know!

Erica [00:24:23] OK, Chelle, I’m sorry, but we have to move on to Shane and Tess. These two are loved up. Everything is going well. But as we know in the words of Robert Frost, nothing gold can stay for any lesbian on ‘The L Word.’ Tess has decided that she needs to move to Las Vegas to be with her mom, understandably. And she asks Shane to move with her. Shane is like, I have my roots in L.A. I can’t leave. I’ve got Danas, you know, lots going on, and we kind of leave it there. But Shane and Tess do admit that they love each other, which is lovely. I just don’t know why no one can be happy on this show. Chelle, how are you feeling? I feel like you must be taking this pretty hard. 

Chelle [00:25:10] Oh, well, I mean, it wasn’t the poker game Erica, that caused their end. I don’t know. It’s just like, right at the beginning of the episode, when they’re like post-coital in bed, they’re like, or actually, maybe mid-coital in bed, they’re like, You know, why don’t we try like a long distance thing, you know? L.A. is not far, you know, flights are fast and these people are supposed to be ballers. Like, if they can, you know, get to L.A. and Las Vegas quite often, like, why didn’t they? Why was that option taken off the table so quickly? Like, they talked about it for a hot minute and then it just like disappeared. 

Clip [00:25:54] Yeah, well, that might be over before it even begins. What happened? Yeah. What’d do you do? Actually, I did nothing. She’s just moving back to Vegas .

Erica [00:26:04] To that point, doesn’t Shane in the very first episode of the reboot, hop off a private plane? Like, does she not have a plane that she can just like, fly back and forth with her salon empire money? 

Chelle [00:26:16] Perhaps she had to give the plane up in her, in the in the divorce? Right? You’re right. So the divorce took half of her her fortune away, so no access to the private jet anymore. Like Tess is able to get to Las Vegas and back quite frequently, as we’ve seen from episode to episode. Seems like she’s going to see her mom every week. Why they can’t do that together is beyond me, like it felt really like, lazy to me on the writers part to just be like, Well, OK, the end. I mean, we do know that Jamie Clayton will be playing Pinhead for the new Hellraiser. So maybe she won’t be able to come back if there even is a season three. But I’m just this was my favorite ship, so I’m sad to see it break. 

Erica [00:27:10] Look, I think that Shane McCutcheon can fly economy and go see. She can go see Tess in Las Vegas. This is a stupid plot point. I completely agree with you Chelle. If there is a season three, make it long distance. You know how many lesbians have long distance relationships? Like it’ll work, I promise it’ll work. OK last, but of course, not least, is Angie. So she has decided she is not going to go to Marcus’s funeral. She doesn’t think it’ll be right. She never met him, but Kayla asked her to hang out. It turns out that Kayla took her list of questions and got all of her family members to answer it for Angie. So Angie, Jordi and Kayla all sit at the park and go through the questions, and it’s just such a sweet moment. And then we end the episode with Bette revealing that Marcus had left a portrait called “Her” for Angie, which is such a beautiful tribute and memorial to Marcus. I don’t have much to say about this beyond the fact that it was wonderful and beautiful, and Jordan Hull continues to be an incredible actress. She’s just so, so wonderful, and I can’t wait to see her in more roles outside of this show. Chelle, did you have any additional thoughts? 

Chelle [00:28:35] Yeah, like I know that you said Gigi was the MVP of season two, but I’m going to have to say that it’s Jordan Hull. It’s Angie Porter-Kennard. She really is the best actress on this show. She had to deal with a lot for her little queer teenage heart, and she handled it with maturity and grace. And like, she was just so raw and honest in all of her performances, and particularly in this episode, like her scenes with with Kayla and Jordi were so beautiful. 

Clip [00:29:11] Your mom brought by the questions to the hospital. I went around and had my family answer them. Oh my God. Oh, you did not have to do that. Dude, thank you so much.

Chelle [00:29:32] And then again later, when she’s speaking with Bette, it’s just like she is wise beyond her years when she tells her mom that like she is brave and strong because she’s just like her and that like she’s telling Bette, you know, like what she should be doing to, like, seize the day because life is short. It’s just like, Oh, Angie, you are the best. The absolute best. 

Erica [00:29:56] Yeah, Angie stans rise up. Like, let’s get a spin off of just Angie because I, like a Euphoria type with less trauma with just Angie and Jordie kicking ass. I would 100 percent watch that over a season three, to be honest. Yeah, me too. All right, it is our favorite moment of the podcast for the last time this season. It’s the superlatives round, where we crown our best and sometimes worst moments of the episode. Chelle, what’s your pick this week? 

Chelle [00:30:30] Well, I don’t have a worst. I never did. And especially for this episode, my best use of fine art definitely has to be Marcus Allenwood’s piece “Her,” which is gifted to Angie. It’s just like, it’s so, it’s such a beautiful piece, by the way. Like, what a gorgeous painting. I would love to have that hanging in my place. And just like, what a lovely way for Angie to remember Marcus. Like, I just thought that was beautiful. What was your pick? 

Erica [00:31:02] One hundred percent agree with you. In order to not also pick an Angie best moment, I’ve decided to go with the best quote of the episode, which was Tom pointing to the magazine spread in which Alice has told the world about their relationship. And he is like, I’m going to have to tell my mom what cis means. I just loved it so much. He’s like, he’s actually like such a dope straight male character. And for this show, that is such a rarity. So hats off to the writers for having some fun with him. And our top comment of the week comes from Bene G on YouTube, who said, Bette could move on if the writers would let her. If Tina and Bette get back together, this show will lose more than it gains. Bette is the most fascinating character on this show. When you pair her with Tina, you only get Bette at like 40 percent. I really hope we get a scene with Bette and Tina letting each other go, Oh my God, I totally agree with you. Bette And Tina are, you know, they’re Bette and Tina. But when you Bette back on her own and she’s crying at art and she’s screaming into the void, she’s just the best. I loved seeing her with Pippa finding passion this season, so I hope you’re right. I hope we do see if there is a season three, the two of them letting each other go and just continuing to co-parent their awesome daughter together. So thank you for commenting and I completely agree with you. 

Chelle [00:32:29] Now those are our picks from episode 10, but we want to hear your thoughts on this episode and on the entire season two. We read every single message that you guys write for us. You’ve brought some really interesting thoughts to the forefront, so please continue commenting and be sure to sound off below. 

Erica [00:32:47] OK, that’s it for this episode and for season two. Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s already over. Thank you guys so much for listening and watching. It’s been an absolute blast. I’m Erica Lenti. 

Chelle [00:33:02] And I’m Chelle Turingan. ‘Off the Chart: Generation Q’ is produced by Chelle Turingan. Our technical producer is Lito Howse. Our executive producer is Rachel Giese and our music is by KidKulit.

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Chelle [00:33:34] Oh, it’s been such a blast. Recapping with you, Erica, and with all of you, our loyal audience. This has been a real passion project. And it warms my heart knowing that you come back every week to watch us talk about our favorite L.A. lesbians. So thank you so much for watching. 

Erica [00:33:50] Yeah, we will see you if season three arises. Thank you so much for all of your views and comments. It’s been an absolute pleasure. You can find me on Twitter @ericalenti and Chelle is @chelleturingan. Let us know what you think and keep in touch. We’ll be here. Until next time! Bye! See ya! 

Erica [00:34:15] Hi Belle! We’re almost done the podcast. Oh! 

Chelle [00:34:20] Belle, what was your favorite part of season two? 

Erica [00:34:24] Who’s that?

Chelle Turingan is a video journalist and filmmaker based in Toronto, ON. Their work has appeared in Maclean’sChatelaine, and Today’s Parent. They are also co-director / producer / editor of Xtra’s documentary film, Small Town Pride.

Erica Lenti

Erica Lenti is a deputy editor at Chatelaine and a former editor at Xtra.

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