‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Season 3: ‘After the Sashay’ with Miss Fiercalicious

The top four contestant talks about her Drag Race showmance, being a TV villain and getting hate from fans

How do you solve a problem like Miss Fiercalicious? The drag queen courted controversy from the very first episode of Canada’s Drag Race Season 3, never one to miss a single second of camera time or a moment of drama. 

It would be easy to write Fierce off as a villain, but as the episodes rolled on, she became a more alluring character. On social media, the tides slowly turned, challenge by challenge. Fierce won the audience over. She surprised us, not only with eclectic looks well outside her showgirl comfort zone, but also with her capacity to make amends with her drag sisters. It was like watching her invent a new reality television archetype: a shark who’s quick with a comeback, but also a sincere apology. The most Canadian TV villain ever. 
Ahead of the Season 3 finale, Miss Fiercalicious sat down with Xtra’s After the Sashay to talk about versatility, what she learned from fighting with her castmates and the showmance we didn’t get to see on TV.

She’s not like other girls. She’s worse! It’s Miss Fiercalicious!

Hi, Russ.

Now that we’re at the end. Are you the villain of the season?

I don’t know, is it me? Am I the drama? I thought I was Miss Congeniality!

Let’s be real! You went on a journey with the fans, from getting a lot of hate at the beginning to much more love now. What’s that been like?

It’s been really crazy. The first few weeks, I was getting death threats, I was getting so much hate. I think it just took some time for people to understand me and my sense of humour and realize everything is coming from a place of love. I can be a lot sometimes, but it’s not mean-spirited. Once people got to know me better—and once I got out of my head in the competition and started winning challenges—they took me more seriously as a competitor.

The hate has kind of shifted to some of my other cast members and to all the fans out there, if you like someone, great. Go show them love, buy their merch. Support them online. If you don’t like someone, keep that to yourself or amongst your friends. You don’t have to tag us online, we don’t want to see it. We’re people, too, and we see all the comments. It affects us.

You filmed your audition tape while you had COVID. Literally nothing was going to stop you!

That was the real test of getting on Drag Race. I was planning on having everything professionally filmed, I wanted everything to look perfect. Days before I had to film my tape, it was back in December [2021] and everyone had COVID. I was destroyed, I was like, “How am I going to finish this tape? I guess I’ll have to film it on my phone.” But it worked out!


Can you tell the story about fainting and almost dying via a cupboard while you were creating your audition tape?

Right as I submitted my tape, I was out of isolation, I was at Speakeasy editing my video and I had stayed up this entire week filming my tape, barely slept, so I could get it all done within the time frame. I guess I’d overworked myself.

I was at Speakeasy, washing the dishes and all of a sudden I start feeling a little dizzy. I was on FaceTime with Eve 6000 and Luna DuBois. All of a sudden I was like, “I need to lay down.” I don’t know what happened! I wake up a few moments later and I’m on my back, the cupboard is broken, I have a cut on my neck. The whole time on the show, people were like, “What’s that hickey on Fierce’s neck?” It was not a hickey, it was a scar! Those are my battle scars, girl.

Fierce, I have to say. Sometimes I worry about you.

Me, too.

I’ve heard that there were some romantic vibes between you and another cast member. What’s the tea?

Me and Kaos might have had a little bit of a showmance happening. We were alone in isolation, we didn’t have other men around us and sometimes you just get really close with your sisters.

Eve 6000 from season two helped you design some of your looks and prepare for Drag Race. Is Eve your secret weapon?

In a way she kind of is! Eve’s one of my good friends and she’s so creative and amazing at designing looks. Some of my runways, she came up with them. A lot of them were my ideas that she helped conceptualize and bring them to life, then I’d bring them to the designers and they’d fully pull the looks together.

She’s very creative and talented at what she does and I’m very grateful to have her in my circle.

You showed VERSATILITY! I was really impressed—I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think that we’d see a nuclear sea creature or a campy clown from you.

I knew everyone would underestimate me from the moment they saw me, “Oh, she’s just another look queen who serves body all the time.” I wanted to prove everyone wrong, so I made it my goal for every single one of my runways to show a really different side of myself.

You brought the drama this season. Fights with Gisèle, Vivian, Kimmy, Bom—even Jada!

So, the whole cast.

Who are you most scared of getting in another fight with and why?

I would definitely not want to get on Gisèle’s [bad] side. She got me together, girl. But I’m glad she did, though. Nobody else was really having those conversations with me. I didn’t realize I was being too much. These are my sisters from back home in Toronto. Back home, if I’m doing something to upset them, they always tell me and I’ll change my behaviour. I’m not a monster!

Gisèle was the person who helped me get out of my head in the competition. She had a talk with me and was like, “You need to cut this out. Stop getting in your head every episode. Remember who you are, you’re in this competition for a reason.” That was after the big fight in Episode 4 and that got me together. I’m thankful.

You managed to get into a fight with someone who wasn’t even on your season. How are things with you and JuiceBoxx?

Miss JuiceBoxx, I actually just got interviewed by her. We talked about it. She had a lot to say on her Twitch channel about all of us. None of us were very happy about what she had to say!

As I said in my tweets, the girl with the most boring looks in Season 1 had a lot to say about everyone else’s looks. I was like, girl, where’s this coming from? You’ve been on Drag Race. You know how bad the fans can be and how much hate they can send. Why are you going to add to that?

I called her. We had a conversation, we talked things out and we’re good.

What’s next for you?

Up next is world domination, baby! I am going to be on every single franchise of Drag Race ever. The fans in Germany want me to host Drag Race Germany! I don’t speak German, but I can if you like.

Lito Howse (they/them) is a queer and trans/non-binary identified videographer, editor and producer based in Toronto. They previously worked for the CBC where they wrote TV stories, edited and control room produced for News Network. They also produced videos for CBC Radio and wrote web articles for shows like The Current and As It Happens, among other roles. They speak English.

Russ Martin is a writer whose work has been published in Flare, the Toronto Star, The Walrus, and NewNowNext. He lives in Toronto.

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