Unsealed document details Rob Ford crack tape

Remember the Rob Ford crack tape? Yes, that beautiful little nugget of digital information that launched the three-ring media circus that was FORD! After months of anticipation, we may be getting closer to its potential release date.

Earlier today, police unsealed documents that detailed one of the Rob Ford crack tapes; specifically, the one featuring Ford using a certain glass cylinder. Interpret that as you may.

According to the document, posted to Twitter by Global News city hall reporter Jackson Proskow, the tape in question sees Ford with “a glass cylinder in one hand and a lighter in the other” while talking to someone off camera.

So far, not that bad. For all we know, he’s just . . . I don’t know. Practising his glass-blowing skills. His tiny, tiny glass-blowing skills.

Except, as the document puts it, “Mayor FORD holds the glass cylinder to his mouth. Lights the lighter and applies the flame to the tip of the glass cylinder in a circular motion.” Once again, tiny glass-blowing perhaps?

Nope. “After several seconds Mayor FORD appears to inhale the vapour which is produced then exhale the vapour.” So that doesn’t sound good. Although I’m sure we’re all going to feel really stupid once Ford launches his line of tiny glass-blown art.

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