TO mayoral candidate Ford: “I support traditional marriage”

At a press event outside Toronto City Hall today, mayoral candidate Rob Ford embraced the endorsement of a fundamentalist Christian pastor who says Pride is “immoral” and suggests that the “moral foundation” of society is being dismantled by gay marriage.

Asked by a reporter if he supports gay marriage, Ford said: “No, I support traditional marriage. I always have, but if people want, to each
their own. I’m not worried about what people do in their
private life. I look out for taxpayers’ money, and to each his own when it
comes to what happens behind closed doors.”

Ford made the comments at a presser where Rev Wendell Brereton announced that he was dropping out of the mayoral race and throwing his support behind Ford. Brereton is now running for council in Ward 6.

Mayoral candidate Rob Ford receives the endorsement of Ward 6 council candidate Wendell Brereton outside city hall on Aug 4.

Watch a clip of the event below (Ford’s comments about gay marriage start at 1:05):

Brereton’s mayoral campaign website previously stated, “My kind of Toronto doesn’t parade immorality and call it pride.” That section has been removed, but the comment can be seen by viewing the Google cache.

Brereton’s website also took a shot at gay mayoral candidate George Smitherman: “Men who don’t truly comprehend the reality of the
importance of the God defined family will dismantle the very ethical fibers
of what a healthy democratic civilization is.” That section of the website has also been removed.

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