Tegan & Sara tell coming-out story in It Got Better web series

For those of you keeping track, there are 23 days left until WorldPride kicks off. Possibly less, depending on when you’re reading this (just check here — I saved you the Google search). Which means you have about three weeks left to mentally and physically prepare yourself for that wall-to-wall gayness. No pressure!

But in all seriousness, Pride is more than just a big fun street party in the middle of summer that pumps millions of dollars into the economy. It is a chance for queer people and allies alike to go out and celebrate who they are and what they stand for without fear of rejection, and it’s a chance to take in our community’s culture and arts.

So with that in mind, here’s the synthesis of those two: Tegan and Sara, the homegrown sister act who have become world-renowned indie pop icons, will be performing at WorldPride this year. And as out lesbians, they shared their coming-out story with the new webseries It Got Better, from L/Studio.

In the clip, they talk about what it was like to grow up together and what it was like coming out to a twin. Turns out, coming out to someone who is more or less your genetic clone is a bit of a wild, occasionally violent, time.

So as Pride comes up, and you start inevitably fielding event invites for Pride This and Pride That and Pridey Pride Pride, just remember that underneath all of this is a long, at times ugly, at times beautiful, little road that we had to walk down to be the people and the community we are now.

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