Not invited

Julian Fantino met with “gay community leaders” in November, according to leaks made to the mainstream media.

Here’s the list of people who were NOT invited to that meeting.

(If you’re not on the list, and you, too, were not invited, e-mail us at – and we’ll add your name!)

Kyle Rae, Downtown city councillor

George Smitherman, Liberal MPP

Rev Brent Hawkes, Metropolitan Community Church Of Toronto

Tom Warner

Carolyn Egan, pro-choice and labour activist

Jane Farrow, CBC radio producer

Arif Noorani

David Oiye, artistic director of Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

Kim Fullerton, curator

Kazik Jedrzejczak (of the Polish Gay And Lesbian Association)

Enza Anderson, drag queen and journalist

Jude Tait, the University of Toronto gay and lesbian issues staffer

Bonte Minnema, U of T activist and New Democrat

Glen Brown, AIDS consultant

Craig McClure, AIDS consultant

Greg Pavelich

Andrea Calver (head of the Ontario Coalition For Social Justice)

Richard Silver

Gerald Hannon

Rob Lavery

Maggie Cassella, comic

Christine Donald

Sue Goldstein

Shira Spectre

Mitchel Raphael, National Post reporter

Ray Brillinger

Kathleen Wynne

Jim Ferry

Deena Ladd

Trevor Gray

Deb Parent

Lee Zaslofsky

Anna Willats

Rachel Giese

Entire organizations left out in the cold:

Coalition For Lesbian And Gay Rights In Ontario

Street Outreach Services

Desh Pardesh

Toronto Rape Crisis Centre

Ontario AIDS Network

Black Coalition For AIDS Prevention

Church And Wellesley Neighbourhood Police Advisory Committee

Lesbian And Gay Community Appeal

Toronto Centre For Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Youth

Mr Leather Toronto (and the entire organizing committee)

Church Street Business Association

AIDS Action Now

Lesbian, Gay, Bi Youth Line

Casey House

Toronto People With AIDS Foundation

AIDS Committee Of Toronto

June 13 Committee

519 Church Street Community Centre

Asian Community AIDS Services

Gay Asians Toronto

Inside Out Film And Video Festival

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