New York moving to ban reparative therapy for minors

A long, long, long, long, long time ago, people used to treat illnesses with leeches and exorcisms because, well, they were morons. Before the advent of modern medicine, people were fucking idiots who didn’t know shit about treating the sick. Thankfully, we got smarter and stopped trying to cure everything with evil bloodsucking monsters.

Except not really, because reparative therapy is still a thing in the US, despite the fact that literally everything we’ve seen of it proves it doesn’t work. Thankfully, New York is going forward and trying to pass a law that would ban reparative therapy for minors.

Legislation introduced Friday by Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) would bar mental health providers from trying to change the sexual orientation of anyone under the age of 18.

If enacted, a licensed mental health provider who ignored the law would be cited for unprofessional conduct and subject to licensing sanctions.

Hoylman will co-sponsor the bill in the Senate with Michael Gianaris (D-Queens). It is being carried in the Assembly by Deborah Glick, a Manhattan Democrat who is a lesbian. [SOURCE]

Here’s the weird part: this is New York we’re talking about. One of the most progressive places in the world, and even they’re still practising this reparative therapy. Seriously, what the hell? You guys have tiny super-computers in your pockets and a Rover on Mars, but you still think you can pray yourself straight? That’s . . . incredible. It’s literally incredible.

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