Moldova quietly passes anti-gay law

New law could hurt Moldova’s bid to join European Union

The Republic of Moldova has quietly passed a law banning public mention of homosexuality, reports the European Union Intergroup on LGBT Rights.

The law, similar to Russia’s recently passed anti-gay law, forbids “distribution of public information… aimed at the propagation of prostitution, paedophilia, pornography or of any other relations than those related to marriage or family.”

Moldova’s law came into effect on July 12 with no public debate.

The new law could hurt Moldova’s bid to join the European Union. The EU has already criticized local Moldovan anti-gay laws.

“It is unfortunate that Moldova would adopt a law containing homophobic provisions, especially in secret,” said EU-Moldova Parliamentary Cooperation Committee co-chair Monica Macovei.

“I hope the Moldovan judiciary will strike it down, in line with Moldova’s international human rights obligations and the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights.”

Moldova is located in Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine.

Niko Bell

Niko Bell is a writer, editor and translator from Vancouver. He writes about sexual health, science, food and language.

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