McGuinty wins third term in Ontario

It looks like Ontarians have once again rolled out the red carpet for the Liberal Party.

However, that carpet has become a bit more tattered and torn, and Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals will be returning to Queen’s Park with fewer MPPs. Both the NDP and Conservatives stole seats from the Liberals, who entered the election with 72 MPPs.

CTV and CBC called a Liberal win just minutes after Ontario polls closed at 9pm.

There have not been many surprises in the first hour of election results, although some tight races mean it will likely be a late night.

A few interesting ridings to watch:

Leona Dombrowsky is trailing PC candidate Todd Smith by a wide margin in Prince Edward-Hastings. The former controversial education minister took flak from some queer activists for her silence on the issue of gay-straight alliances.

In Parkdale-High Park, the race was tight between NDP incumbent Cheri DiNovo and her Liberal challenger.

Toronto Centre’s Glen Murray is leading the NDP’s Cathy Crowe, and in York South-Weston, the race between out gay candidate Paul Ferreira and Liberal Laura Albanese has been going back and forth all night. In Don Valley West, out lesbian Kathleen Wynne has held on to her seat with a two-to-one win.

In Ottawa Centre, Liberal incumbent Yasir Naqvi appears to have held on to his seat in the face of a tough challenge from the NDP’s Anil Naidoo.

Danny Glenwright was formerly Xtra’s managing editor. He has a background in human rights journalism and media training and a masters in international cooperation and development from Italy’s University of Pavia. Before coming to Xtra, Danny was the editor of the Gender Links Opinion and Commentary news service in South Africa and a regular contributor to South Africa’s Mail and Guardian news. He has also worked in Sierra Leone, Palestine, Namibia, the United Kingdom and Rwanda.

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