Leather boy & the sex police

Gay porn - without all that oppression


To: Equality Now

From: Shasta Grundy, chairperson of the Gay Pornography Revision Project, and a leading feminist authority on gay male pornography.

Pursuant to Equality Now’s opposition to gay male pornography – and particularly your intervention in the notorious Little Sister’s court case – we have analyzed a typical gay pornographic story. We believe that all references to a harm-based approach to pornography that subordinates human beings through self-hating, aggressive, violent and non-consensual behaviour should be eliminated.

The pornographic story, “Howard’s Rear End,” is an unsettling tale about the domination and oppression of a rebellious youth, degradingly named “Nasty Boy,” by a so-called “Leather Daddy.” I offer the following suggestions in the hope that they eliminate self-oppression. We have carefully analyzed the text below and can make some realistic recommendations on language. Some text excerpts and our recommendations follow:

“He ran his finger through his goatee and smelled the reek of raunchy pit action.” We don’t know precisely what the “raunchy pit” refers to here, but we are certain it is some kind of a dungeon. It must be expunged.

“Leather Daddy was cruising for a horn dog.”

We believe that “horn dog” is a reference to a weiner-based confection sold at the Canadian National Exhibition. It is probably slang for dildo, and represents a harm-based promotion of large phalluses and the unreasonable pressure they put on gay men to be well-endowed. It should be banned.

“Leather Daddy flicked at Nasty Boy’s salty low hangers.”

“Low hangers” fetishize the contents of closets, and are a literal endorsement of gay self-hatred.

“Leather Daddy pulled Nasty Boy toward him by his leather harness.”

The whole focus on leather is not appropriate, since it is an expression of aggression and is harm-based to animals, whose hides provide the leather. The Mexican huarache shoe, made from old truck tires, is not only environmentally friendly, but the trucking aspect will probably excite gay men. We also suggest fostering a kinder natural-fibre erotic movement, as in, “Hey man, are you into cottons?” (We must also revise the intensifier “man,” to ensure that it does not discriminate against young males and those alienated by aggressive, old notions of “manhood.” We would prefer to see the more inclusive word “fellow,” as in, “Say fellow, you look hot in cottons!”)

“Take my hot load!”

We approve of the sharing aspect of this language, since it teaches gay men to co-operate in work tasks and will build a great sense of co-operation. Taking hot loads is to be encouraged.

“Daddy, tie me to the St Andrew’s Cross!”

This is clearly an ecclesiastical fetish, that celebrates the patriarchal Presbyterian Church Of Scotland. All references should be expunged.


“Give me a facial, Daddy.”

“Facials” expresses an unhealthy obsession with beauty, and should be questioned by thinking individuals concerned about unreasonable expectations of appearance. As a tool of vanity, the facial is as unacceptable for gay men as it is for beauty-obsessed women.

“Leather Daddy opened the back door to the rear courtyard. It was time for the water sports party.”

We see nothing wrong with sports of any kind – provided that they remain non-competitive, and foster a nurturing culture among men. The bonding aspects of fishing and angling are allowable, but only if they use non-cruel methods of catch-and-release.

Our analysis of the story “Howard’s Rear End,” has made us all too familiar with the coded language of inter-male degradation. Gay men, in time, will come to appreciate our non-harming, inclusive and nurturing approach, and the authority we bring to it.

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