Go home, you kooks

A gay US journalist is shocked at the way Canadian newspapers openly made merciless fun of gaybaiting pastor Fred Phelps.

“Your papers basically said, ‘Crazy, kooky, hateful American wackos are descending on fair Canada and our police, our politicians, our

immigration authorities and Canadians in general are not amused. Let’s see what we can do to make them feel unwelcome,” says Rex Wockner, who goes through hundreds of daily newspaper stories every day for his gay clipping service.

“Stories about gays do not need ‘balance’ in the form of quotes from hate groups – and 10 isolated kooks running around with hateful signs do not need to be treated like a legitimate movement.”

The Toronto Sun gave the story the biggest splash locally, with a dramatic flag-burning photograph on the cover of the Aug 3 edition.

(In fact, the biggest headline on the cover dwarfs the flag burning. That day’s biggest issue? Serial Kitty Killer Prowls North York.)

A photo caption inside referred to the Phelps clan as “ugly Americans.” Apparently the Sun is even over any debate pitting “equal rights” versus “special rights.”

The story (by Jason Cumming) reads: “Protesting the recent ruling that gives Canadian gays equal rights, Phelps’s followers — half of whom were his family members — preached their hateful gospel to a dozen police, 20 gay rights activists and a media throng that far outnumbered the pastor’s supporters.”

In the nation’s capital, the Citizen made fun of ’em, too. Flag Burners Bungle Protest, read the headline. “US anti-gay demonstrators protesting in Ottawa yesterday had to ask a police officer how to burn the Canadian flag without setting themselves ablaze,” wrote Jennifer Pritchett.

Even the more staid Globe And Mail called Phelps a “fanatic” and his pals “zealots.”

A recent edition of the alternative weekly the Montreal Mirror went in a different direction. Sonny Bono Burns In Hell! is an exclusive interview with Phelps by Matthew Hays (pretending to be a Christian).

Phelps says Sonny Bono is burning…. and Cher is a whore.

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