Gay Rights Marches On (should we be afraid?)

Geez, you turn away from your computer, and suddenly the whole world starts a-gay-marrying. Okay, so Sweden legalizing gay marriage isn’t much of a shock — they did give us Abba and Ikea — but Iowa? Vermont? Can Ontario afford to lose the US gay marriage industry in these troubled economic times?

Of course, there’s one guy who’ll probably be happy to see that industry disappear, and that’s Progressive (*cough*) Conservative MPP/professional hick Randy Hillier, who’s just announced his candidacy for the Progressive Conservative Leadership, by announcing that he would disband the Ontario Human Rights Commission and enact laws that would give doctors and marriage commissioners the right not to perform medical procedures and marriages that contravene their personal beliefs. Unfortunately, the only news carrier I found his announcement on is the Christian fundamentalist You have been warned.

Transport Minister John Baird managed to sneak into restricted areas of Pearson Airport this week. No word yet on what restricted activities Laureen Harper’s arm candy was up to but oh, it’s fun to guess.

Maybe what Ontario really needs is creativity, entrepreneurship, and some good old-fashioned Pope-bashing. Pope Benedict condoms are selling like hotcrepes in France. But where can I get one?

Rob Salerno is a playwright and journalist whose writing has appeared in such publications as Vice, Advocate, NOW and OutTraveler.

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