Facebook kills!

Setting aside for now the intriguing argument that “Facebook succeeds into making friendship a consumption product,” the social networking site showed its dark side this week when plans for a gay pride parade in Abbotsford, BC were called off due to online hatred and then fans of the “Kick a Ginger” event (based on an infamous Eric Cartman rant on ‘South Park’) actually went out and kicked gingers!

Now normally, my job here is to provide gay factoids and eye candy but, in the face of such hate crime, I feel I must stand up for my people! Fortunately, I can kill two birds with one stone — here’s just a small gallery of hot redheaded guys you won’t want to kick:

Ewan McGregor was in ‘The Pillow Book.’ ‘Nuff said.

Simon Woods’ sex scene heated up HBO’s ‘Rome’

Damian Lewis’ ‘Life’ is the coolest cop show on TV

Hot nerd Seth Green created ‘Robot Chicken’

Porn star Will Clark proves there are red-haired bears

Prince Harry got everyone curious with this infamous shot


Toby Stephens was the hottest Bond villain since Pussy Galore

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case. Now save a little ginger love for me!

Speaking of juries, the California Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage will be heading back to the state Supreme Court this spring. Until a ruling comes down, there’ll be a lot more debate like this:

— Newt “gay fascism!!!” Gingrich gets a public scolding from his lesbian sister Candace: “Stop being a hater, big bro.”

— The religious arguments against gay marriage don’t hold up when religion is actually bad for society

— Students at Princeton University passed their own Prop 8, banning freshmen from walking on the campus sidewalks. Organizers say it’s not about hating frosh but protecting the sanctity of sidewalks:

— Meanwhile in Florida, backers of their gay marriage ban are now, in a completely predictable move, trying to take away health benefits for domestic partnerships, saying:

“We’re going to use the momentum from the marriage amendment to speak
to the fact that most people in this state don’t want a recognition of
that type of relationship. At this time of economic
stress, our government should not be providing benefits to nonemployees
on the basis on their sexual relationships.”

These rulings against gay people may also have some unpleasant repercussions for other minority groups. And the upright, upstanding Mormons who helped fund this kind of “morality?” They’re now really into stripper poles. I laugh because it hurts to cry.

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