Ex-Gay group tries to launch pride event

There are a lot of people on the internet who will argue bitterly about what does and does not constitute irony. Thankfully, I think we can all agree that this shit is pretty ironic.

According to Out.com, Voice of the Voiceless, an ex-gay organization based in the States, is trying to start up an ex-gay pride rally. As in, a pride parade for people who are proud of themselves for not being proud of themselves. See what I mean? That irony is so rich and thick and sweet I can drizzle it over ice cream and eat it with a spoon.

“We’re declaring July as the first Ex-Gay Pride month,” Christopher Doyle, head of an organization called Voice of the Voiceless, told the Christian Post. According to Doyle, he and his cohorts have petitioned the White House to back their cause, but to no avail. Doyle claims the Obama Administration simply doesn’t want to upset gay donors. “They’re very interested in protecting the LGBT rights organizations and the LGBT community because they’re getting a lot of money from them. [But] we’re not going to wait for any president or any Congress to give us our rights.”

Meanwhile, Doyle also says that happy homosexuals and their allies are “living in the Stone Age: “If they want to continue to live in the Stone Age and claim that people were born gay and they can’t change, well, that’s their choice, too, we’re not going to wait for them.”

First off, I’m not sure if they heard about this, but the whole “reparative therapy” thing has been proven to be scientific bullshit. Unfounded in every way. One of the biggest names in reparative therapy, Exodus International, actually went on the record to say what they did was utter bunk before they shut themselves down. Human sexuality is complex, but it can’t be altered using shame and prayer.

But really, does VotV understand how Pride works? Because I’m pretty sure if any of them actually were okay with who they were, they wouldn’t be letting unfounded institutions feed off their shame and they wouldn’t try to convince themselves that letting others change them was something to be proud of.

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