Google Trends tracks which sex acts are most popular

Thanks to the advent of the internet, and the ever increasing openness about sexuality, people in general are now much more willing to talk candidly about their sex lives in a personal setting without fear or shame. The downside, however, is that we’re now apparently judging sex in the parameters of popularity.

Buzzfeed decided to take a bunch of sex acts and run them through Google Trends to see which ones were becoming more popular, based on how often and when they were searched. The internet has spoken, and apparently it is really into butt-stuff right now. Unless it involves cakes, at which point things get a bit hazy.

Based on their infographics, scissoring, rimming, and pegging have all risen in prominence over the past few years. But not to go overboard, anal fisting has gone down in popularity despite a brief surge in searches around 2007.

A lot of the more specific fetishes tend to vary wildly from year to year, as both The Blumpkin and Agalmatophilia both fluctuated wildly in very brief periods of time, although they do have a window in which they usually fall. The most chaotic thouse would have to be Cake Farts, which seems to rise and fall in popularity at the drop of a hat. I could either explain the concept of Cake Farts to you all, or I could just leave this funny cartoon here.

I feel like I made the right decision here.

Now, while these graphs are at least interesting, I shouldn’t have to remind anyone that that’s all they really are: Neat little graphs about internet data. Just because something seems “popular”, doesn’t mean you should like it. Give it a try if it’s something you’re curious about, but you’re absolutely not required to incorporate every little thing that internet clings to into your sex life.

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