Zelda’s vamooses

Venerable Toronto drag/resto/patio bar emptied in the night

UPDATE OCT 26, 11:30am – Zelda’s Living Well is holding a grand opening party at 692 Yonge St, on Tue, Nov 3 at 6pm. Read the press release here (PDF).

UPDATE SEP 30, 3:29pm – Xtra received the below letter from Zelda’s staff today.

Hello Dah-lings,

As you may have noticed, we’ve unhitched the trailer and moved Zelda’s to a new location! We would like to thank all of our fabulous and loyal customers, friends, and neighbours who have supported the restaurant over the past 13 years. Our lease expired and the rental increase was not affordable. Our new location became available at 692 Yonge Street. This is where I first found myself behind a bar and grew into my Double D bra at the original Living Well. This is a full circle move for us and we are excited about having everyone join us in this new venture. Renovations have been underway for over a month and I am thrilled to be upholstering the floral prints. We’re aiming for a spectacular grand opening by the end of October. We’ll be combining the best aspects of the old Zelda’s and original Living Well Café into a fun, fabulous new dining and entertainment experience. And yes, the drag shows will continue! Follow our renovations on the new Facebook group ‘Zelda’s Living Well’, and I look forward to seeing you all at the grand opening.

Cheers and love,
Zelda Angelfire

UPDATE SEP 30 – Pink Triangle Press customer service rep Sangye Choga captured the below vid of Zelda’s leaving Toronto’s Church St on Sep 27.

“I first noticed the trucks pulling up at about 2am and they were gone by five,” says Choga. “They told people they were renovating and that they’d be open again in two days. They took everything, kitchen equipment, stove, safe, cookware glassware, some alcohol. They were trying to get a big freezer out the door but they couldn’t get it out.”

Zelda’s manager Chris Burke says it’s not over for Zelda’s. He says Zelda will release a statement later today.

SEP 27 – Zelda’s, one of the anchor resto/bars in Toronto’s Church and Wellesley neighbourhood, abruptly closed up shop and vamoosed in the night Sep 28.

A truck arrived at the location across from Xtra’s offices about 2am the morning of Sep 28 and cleaned the place out.

The marquee sign on the front of the restaurant reads, “Lease expired, new location 692 Yonge St opening soon.”


Zelda’s opened in the Church Wellesley nighbourhood in 1997. 692 Yonge St is most recently the home of Arrabiata and formerly the home of long-time gay friendly joint, Living Well.

Check Dailyxtra.com for more details as they become available.

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