Happy Canada Gay!

first gay blog?

And it’s Canada Day? Reliable sources tell me that our

nation’s finest made an appearance at Toronto Pride. The man. The head
honcho. The Harpermeister. I love this guy. Okay, it’s been a hot week
in Vancouver and I might be feeling it right here, but for your viewing
pleasure, this is what our proud sisters boxed on mean streets of the
big smoke. They had an arts and crafts session, cranked out a
papier-mâché effigy, held a boxing match…and what you see is what you
get. Can you blame them? I’m giving an “ughn!” followed up by an
“ughn-ughn!” and a couple wet dreams that the Stephen Harper doll will
be this summer’s hottest accessory. From far and wide, Oh Stephen
Harper, we stand on guard for thee…

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