Dinner will be served

Sissydude's interview with our favourite pocket-sized, pop music hunk, Ab Soto

The video of Ab Soto’s “Keep it Movin,” the first single from his album Fab Out Vol 1. Silas Howard

This Thursday, Nov 28 (on American Thanksgiving, don’t ya know) New York-based huntress Ab Soto will be flying into Toronto like some super-sexy magical Macy’s Parade balloon full of sonic queer energy. He’ll surely be boogying with his hips and getting down with his mouth.

So Ab, you’ll be performing at The Garrison in Toronto for Rumproast on American Thanksgiving Day! You just keep giving and giving. Honey, how do you do it?

I’m excited to be performing in Toronto during Thanksgiving! She’s the real deal! Dinner will be served!

Will this be your first time in Toronto?

Yes, this will be my first time visiting.

Do you have friends here?

Yes, I do.

Are you staying for a few days?

Yes, I’ll be there for a few days actually.

What should we expect from you onstage at Rumproast?

Showz! Showz! Showz! I like to serve a good crunchy show!

Please tell me that you will be taking your shirt off. You don’t do that enough as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think I’ve ever found an Ab Soto ass shot anywhere, either (Tumblr, Twitter, Grinder) — what gives?

Really? You’re not looking in the right places.

What is your workout regime? Please tell me you work out to the Zsa Zsa Gabor It’s Simple, Darling workout tape.

I like to work out, but I don’t obsess over it. I usually have an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids right before I go onstage. All the dancing keeps me in shape, too.

What is the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to you onstage?

I sometimes strip down to my underwear during costume changes right onstage. I once had nine costumes changes during one show. That’s Fashionz!

You mention that the Huntress World Tour is about “bringing communities together through music, art and performance. Let’s create and shine together!” In what way will this happen? Why is community so important to you?


I always work with local talent from every city I visit. I like to get everyone involved. Working with local dancers, drag queens and photographers makes the journey that much sweeter. Community is important for me because I never had that during my years as a backup dancer in Hollywood. I always felt like I didn’t fit in. It’s a good thing I didn’t fit in because we should never fit in — we should always stand out!

Will there be new crazy costumes? I do admire the way you mix pop culture, colours, shapes and patterns. The best!

Thank you! Yes, new ideas! New wigs! New Fashionz!

Who inspires you creatively?

Life inspires me. Change inspires me. I get inspiration everywhere. Gay history, music and fashion inspire me the most.

How does Ab Soto write a song? What is your process?

It all depends on my mood. I can write at the gym, in my kitchen or on the train. I normally get ideas when I’m not thinking about it. I can spend days trying to write them all down. It’s like a puzzle: sometimes it’s easy to assemble and sometimes it takes longer to decipher all the pieces of the puzzle.

Are you working on some new songs for the tour?

I haven’t decided yet. A lot of fans are still discovering all the current music. Anything is possible.

Is there anything you’d like people to know about you?

It doesn’t take much to impress me. Honesty and passion goes a long way. That and Sunday-afternoon cuddle sessions.

Ab Soto will perform at Rumproast
Thurs, Nov 28, doors 9pm
The Garrison, 1197 Dundas St W

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