Colby Keller rids himself of all worldly goods for art

What do you do when your landlord unceremoniously evicts you from your apartment? Well, for most people, you’d probably start calling up your friends to see who has a futon and enough patience to let you sleep on it for a month. But if you’re Colby Keller, you make lemonade out of those lemons by giving away all your physical possessions for the sake of art.

Yes, according to The Awl, gay porn’s hipster king has rid himself of all his worldly possessions, save for a metal plaque of Vladimir Lenin he got on Ebay. As Colby explained it on his personal site, “Art often shies from the implications of transparency. Obfuscation captures greater intensity. A constitution of unwritten laws governs our collective aesthetic temperament — appearance over insistence. That said: every rule should be broken.

In layman’s terms . . . I dunno. Point is, he was giving way his stuff. Bring a U-Haul maybe. (Comparatively, I still have a bottle of caesar salad dressing in the fridge. I’m pretty sure it expired in April. I have absolutely no intention of giving it away. I may need it for salad someday . . .)

Colby even gave away his Instagram account to a fan named Dena, because really, when you’re giving away all your personal effects, you might as well go all in. The new holder of his account, Dena, did decide to keep his old pictures, so no worries! There are still naked pictures of Colby Keller on the internet.

Either way, it’s clear Colby is going through a few life changes, and if this is how he’s processing it, then power to him. He’s taking what could have been a huge hurdle and found a way to create something out of it. Also, he’s probably saving a ton on moving expenses, so well played, Mr Keller. Well played.

And now, here’s something we hope you’ll really like: Colby Keller colouring!

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