A new year’s breeze

Dressing up for a night out (or in) during NYE

Hello, countdown queens! It’s New Year’s Eve, and whether you’ve decided to ring in the new year with 2,000 of your nearest and dearest or to stick to the party next door, you should put your best style foot forward. After all, the new year often brings a clean slate, and you want NYE to set the tone for what’s to come. So think good vibes (and good shoes), and 2015 will be a smash.

Going out
Unless you’re 17 or 70, it’s not okay to look like you rented a tux. It also doesn’t make sense to buy one that you would wear two or three times a year, so why not mix and match? Pick prints and textures that will complement each other, but most importantly, fit is everything.

Brad, aka DJ Aural, wears clothes by Topman. Cummerbund and bow tie are Brad’s own. He will be DJing Pop Machine vs Bang Bang at WAYLA.

The jacket: Solid but textured jackets in brocade, velvet or animal print say “less business, all party.”
Cummerbund: This classic accoutrement ties your look together and holds in your post-Christmas tummy.
The printed pant: Have fun with it but keep the colour much the same as your jacket.

Bow down: Bow ties during the day can be a bit overdone, but a NYE bow tie is always festive. If you’re wearing a crisp white shirt, no tie is an option, too (just button all the way up, please).
Shirt game: A graphic printed shirt can make wearing a jacket optional and throwing your hands in the air while dancing to Ariana Grande a breeze.

Staying in
If you’ve decided to stay in on NYE, nothing will be greater than to wear a slightly more formal version of what you would wear to bed. Lux lounge looks are still a strong trend and facilitate an effortless transition from the living-room dance party to resting your head after too much champagne.

Lauren, aka Sigourney Beaver, wears looks by Topshop. She will be DJing at a wedding, so you are most likely not invited.


Luxe tux: Pieces that are tuxedo-inspired but made of soft and flowy fabrics. Tuxedo stripes on joggers are the best for countdown comfort and sprawling on the floor.
Shoes: A great time to show them off. Flaunt your Boxing Day beauties and kick out whoever steps on them.

The housecoat: An essential layering item that you could wear over lingerie-inspired eveningwear. If you’re the hostess, nothing will say “welcome to my home” better than a kimono-style jacket.

Photos by May Truong

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