ACTION: Egale wants you to #HearOurStory

Human rights organization highlights personal stories in its latest campaign

Xtra Spark profiles current activism in our communities. This article stems from a partnership between Xtra Spark and Egale Canada in which we are supporting their organization with targeted media coverage that gives our readership pathways to take action.

The #HearOurStory campaign is Egale Canada Human Rights Trust’s response to the need for a stronger LGBT voice worldwide.Egale

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The #HearOurStory campaign is Egale Canada Human Rights Trust’s response to the need for a stronger LGBTQ2S voice worldwide — because there’s still work to be done. #HearOurStory speaks to people across the queer community about the issues that have an impact on their lives. As individuals, and as a community, our stories are important.

In the #HearOurStory video, you’ll hear from the following people:

  • Judy Virago, a trans woman living in Toronto
  • Kevin, a Catholic school teacher working to create more accepting spaces for LGBT students
  • Aeryn Pfaff, a gay man whose story touches on the effects of bullying in the school system
  • Tommy, a young volunteer at Egale who experienced firsthand the impact of his work
  • Constable Danielle Bottineau, LGBT liaison officer for the Toronto Police Service
  • Kyle, who talks about his journey of overcoming addiction
  • Julian, who shares his struggle with finding safe and affordable housing
  • Makumbu, who talks about the fear of coming out as bisexual in an unsafe environment
  • Gareth, who shares his incredible journey from the oppression and violence in his country of origin to a safer, more inclusive environment in Canada

And finally, #HearOurStory video winner Chelsea Noel, whose story was chosen from dozens of submissions to wrap up the 2014 campaign. Chelsea’s video will be released on Wednesday, Jan 7 on Egale’s Facebook page. Be sure to watch and find out why Chelsea’s story is so compelling.

Formed in 1986, Egale is the country’s only national LGBT human rights organization. Almost 30 years later, Egale continues to work toward a Canada free of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and all other forms of discrimination so that all Canadians can achieve their full potential, unencumbered by hatred or bias. From equal marriage to safer schools, Egale is working to make the world more accepting and inclusive.