The Point is ideal for naturalists, exhibitionists and sex

Cruising the woods, it's clear not all hiking trails are for hiking

I am a nature enthusiast and an avid homosexual, so The Point Tent and Trailer Resort in Vittoria, Ontario seemed like an ideal destination to indulge my love of men and the great outdoors. Only two hours from Toronto and minutes from both Simcoe and Turkey Point Provincial Park, this clothing-optional campground is famous for its fabled forest where visitors can enjoy some raunchy action after dark.

As you drive along the country roads that lead to the park, it’s hard to imagine that this male-only haven exists in such a rural part of southwestern Ontario. The entrance of the park looks just like any other campground until you enter the permit office, which has a shelf of lube and other gay paraphernalia behind the desk.

The Point has primitive sites with and without power, serviced sites with power and water, as well as basic cabins and forest sites. I was disappointed with the size of my primitive campsite: there wasn’t much breathing room between it and the next, and there were no trees separating them. I felt exposed, but I assumed, this being a clothing-optional resort, this was by design to optimize the amount of exhibition to one’s neighbours and passersby. Personally, I could’ve done with a little more privacy, but my neighbours on either side were extremely friendly, so it worked out well.

I asked the young couple to my right about possible hiking trails. “Do you mean hiking trails or ‘hiking trails?’” one asked. To my disappointment, they told me there weren’t any actual hiking trails, but they were gracious enough to take me for a tour of the “hiking trail.” Deep in the woods behind the rec hall is an outdoor sexual playground equipped with two slings, a glory-hole shack and a stage, amongst other features. I also stumbled upon a urinal attached to the tree. “Return back after dark,” one of my new friends advised.

After setting up camp, I wandered to the swimming pool, where a slew of bears bathed while others basked in the sun. Alcohol is permitted in the pool and is the best lubrication for such a social affair, especially if you’re new to the gay, clothing-optional camping thing. Everyone was extremely friendly and sociable: I was offered drinks and sunscreen, introduced to friends of friends and included in most conversations. Some were dressed in swimwear, while others waded in the pool naked. There was a lot of hugging in the water, though it was hard to tell exactly what was going on beneath the surface. Note: it might not be safe to swallow the water.


In the evening, after a few drinks, I went campfire hopping, moving from one site to the next on my own. I was welcomed by various groups of people with open arms, meeting new friends of all ages. On most Fridays at 10pm, there’s a meet-and-greet bonfire so you can get to know other campers: it’s a great opportunity to scope out the men for the woods later on.

I was told that the best time to visit the woods is after the Friday bonfire or Saturday dance, but midway through the bonfire I decided to wander in, unable to wait any longer. To my disappointment, there were only a few guys in the glory-hole shack; the rest of the forest was empty. It was a little too dark and daunting for me to venture inside the shack, so I returned an hour later when the bonfire was wrapping up. By then, there were many men cruising the woods, some standing around and others gathering in the shadows: action was happening all around, although both slings were empty. Regardless, it was very hot and intriguing.

Although the Point isn’t geared toward true nature lovers per se, it’s only a five-minute drive to Turkey Point Provincial Park. This tent and trailer resort is a great home base and is ideal for naturalists, exhibitionists and anyone who loves men and sex.

The Point Tent and Trailer Resort
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Vittoria, Ontario
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