I joined the ‘ball sex revolution’ and turned my scrotum into a dildo

The new sex toy Balldo promises to help users acheive a “ballgasm.” But is that something any of us really need to have?

I’m sitting in front of an empty Word document with a bright orange Balldo resting on my lap. What’s a Balldo, you ask? Great question. As its name—a perplexing portmanteau—suggests, the Balldo is a dildo for your balls. I’ll give you a minute to let that settle in.

Now, if you’re like me, you probably have a few questions, the first being: “Come again?” And, well, that’s kind of the point. The Balldo allegedly serves many purposes, each of which boils down to the advantages of having two penises: you might use it for double penetration, to stimulate yourself while buying yourself more time until your next erection or as a penetrative solution when experiencing erectile difficulties. You might also just want to try something extremely new. 

Whatever the reason, Balldo’s creator and CEO of Natgerz Inc., Jerry Davies, is confident that people who use the scrotal device can experience a “ballgasm,” which he describes as a “really heavy, deep orgasm that takes a long time to crescendo.”

While most of the online reception to the Balldo has been mixed, Natgerz Inc. insists it’s on the brink of something huge. “Let the ballsex revolution begin!” exclaims the promotional copy on their site.

The Balldo’s design is confusing at first. Most people I’ve shown it to question how it functions, so I will explain it to you as I did to them. The Balldo comes in three pieces: the first is a rocket-shaped silicone cage that stretches around the testes, and the other two are thick silicone spacer rings that make saggier sacks more rigid for penetration. The design took three years and over 100 prototypes to perfect (as well as a $150,000 Indiegogo campaign to fund). 

The reasons such a device was created in the first place are unclear. In interviews, Davies, an engineer, has said the toy was designed after he experienced ED following an acute prostatitis diagnosis. He’s also claimed to have gotten the idea while lying in bed with his partner and feeling a pleasurable sensation while she tugged on his balls. 

The Balldo’s open design is key, as it allows the scrotal skin to be stimulated when inside an orifice and frees the penis up for manual and oral stimulation. Pair that sensation with a slight tugging on the scrotum and—boom!—you’ve had a ballgasm.

Using the Balldo

Fortunately for me, Balldo sent me their product just prior to its launch, so I promptly invited a friend over with hopes of having my first ballgasm. 

Admittedly, both he and I were more curious about the Balldo than we were turned on by it at first. Since this was a new experience for the both of us, the unknown made us nervous, so we started by applying a generous amount of lube to his scrotum before sliding the device on. 


I chuckled as he slowly stretched the device over his balls; his face was so fearful and cautious that I almost felt bad. Once both spacer rings were secure, he instantly began swinging his pendulous genitals, pointing out that he was “actually” helicopter-ing now because there were two rotor blades. 

I won’t divulge the grittier details of the sexual experience, but after some extensive foreplay and nearly a bottle of lubricant, we successfully used the Balldo. However, it wasn’t long before his balls got sore from the repeated tugging—unless you’re familiar with ball stretching, weights, or happen to be a fan of cock and ball torture (CBT), the unfamiliar sensation can be uncomfortable. He also wanted to cum and felt the Balldo was hindering him from doing so.

As the bottom in this particular experience, I feel compelled to mention that the website claims the Balldo is “no wider than most penises,” which, I found out, is absolutely not true. The average penis girth measures around 3.66 inches, whereas the Balldo measures in at almost twice that, according to my trusty tape measure. To be fair, the toy isn’t jaw-droppingly thick, just thicker than most insertable toys, which are usually around 1.5 inches wide.

In fact, it’s because of the girth that I had to receive the Balldo. I was originally supposed to be wearing it, but once my friend saw the large silicone cage in person, he politely declined, meaning I, the person getting paid for the review, had to hunker down and bite the pillow. 

It was apparent as soon as we started that we would need some time to adjust. Finding positions that were pleasurable for the both of us (since the toy was sitting in a difficult and unfamiliar place) was definitely the biggest hurdle, but we were vigilant and eventually found doggy and missionary (with legs on the shoulders and a pillow under the hips) were most successful. 

However, the Balldo slips out … a lot. This was a common complaint among friends and colleagues who have also reviewed the toy, whether they used it vaginally or anally. In my experience, a strap-on (worn by someone with either a penis or vulva) is a more effective solution for penetrative purposes. 

To get a well-rounded feel for the Balldo, I put it on the following day to masturbate. I found using it as a ball weight was pretty satisfying, but tugging it was painful. Davies says you can discreetly wear the Balldo in public, but given its generous size, I’m not so sure unless you’re looking to cause a distraction. I would also recommend shaving your balls bald because I pulled many-a-pubic hair trying to remove it. Just an FYI.

Final Impressions

The Balldo is far from perfect but truth be told, the initial version of most sex toys have their flaws. It’s not until they’ve been released into the wild and consumers provide feedback that they can be improved in future releases. This is actually a very common practice in the industry. 

Giving credit where it’s due, the Balldo is an exciting and innovative device in an industry that seriously lacks it. For decades, toys for people with penises have been largely limited to cock rings and strokers. Any innovation usually meant it vibrated, which is nice, but uninventive. Thankfully, this is beginning to change with sex toys like the Balldo and the Arcwave Ion, a toy that uses changes in air pressure to stimulate the penis which are creating new experiences for people to explore new sensations with.

The Balldo may not yet be the revolutionary product it claims to be, but it’s a fun step in the right direction. The simple fact that half of penis-owners incorporate testicle stimulation when masturbating and 90 percent enjoy it when their partner plays with them means the Balldo can, in theory, be successful. And while neither my friend nor I experienced the elusive ballgasm, sex blogger Kate Sloan recently used one with her partner, who came almost instantly

As is true with most pleasure products, the Balldo is either for you or it isn’t. While I can’t say that I will introduce the Balldo into my sexual routine, I would recommend it to folks who respond to testicular stimulation and those seeking a novel experience. And if the idea of shoving your balls inside your partner is enticing, the Balldo can make that fantasy a reality. 

Bobby Box

Bobby Box is a queer writer and certified sex educator in Toronto whose work has been published in Greatist, Playboy, Elle Canada, Toronto Star, NewNowNext, Them., The Advocate and more.

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