Here’s how to order existing queer ‘zines:
Anarcho-Homocore Niteclub. Includes article “Anarchy, Punk And Queers” by Robynski. $2. PO Box 271, Station F, Toronto M4Y 2L7.
Blot. Queer political ‘zine tackling issues like porn, queer youth sexuality and porn-rings. Issue #3 contains an article on the London, Ontario porn arrests, fiction, poetry and original erotic images. $2. PO Box 271, Station
F, Toronto M4Y 2L7.
Coitus Reservatus. Great lesbian political ‘zine hailing from Guelph, with a pagan priestess slant. Michele Coitus, c/o Get Your Laws Off My Body Productions, 30 Neeve, Guelph N1H 4C1.
Demon Seed. Inventive and raw document about the travails of being HIV-positive. $2. Alex, 20 Prince Arthur, Apt 15G, Toronto M5R 1B1,
Eightfold Path. An abandoned diary of personal reflections on queer life. $2. Daryl and Laura, Box 22171, Regina S4S 7H4.
Fear Comics/Guilt Comics. By Maurice Vellekoop, c/o Reactor Art And Design, 51 Camden St, Toronto, M5V 1V2.
Girl Cult. Produced by Joannie, chock-full of interesting material for and by women about their sexuality and other sundry topics. 48 Craig St. London N6C 1E8.
Infantile. $2. Paul, 16 Keystone Ave, Toronto M4C 1H1.
King Of The Fairies. $2. Glendon McKinney, 91 Sackville St, Toronto M5A 3E6.
Paganda. Pamela Brown, 113 Wolseley St, Toronto M6J 1K1.
This Is The Salivation Army. $2.Scott Treleavan, PO Box 67539, RPO Spadina W, Toronto M5T 3B8.

Here’s where to buy queer ‘zines in Toronto:
Who’s Emma. 691/2 Nassau St. (416) 598-3354.
This Ain’t The Rosedale Library. 483 Church St. (416) 929-9912.
Pages. 256 Queen St W. (416) 598-1447.
Glad Day Books. 598A Yonge St (upstairs). (416) 961-4161.

Here’s where to track down rarer ‘zines:
Queer Zine Explosion And Holy Titclamps. Larry-bob, Box 590488, San Francisco, 94159-0488. Or email: larrybob@io.com. On the web: www.io.com/~larrybob.
Bitch Nation. Dyke-core bands, queer zines and videos. GB Jones’ catalogue, JD’s back issues available. $3 for “Double Bill” (#5: The Final Issue). POBox 55, Station E, Toronto M6H 4E1.
Homocore Chicago. Send SASE for info. Box 476953, Chicago 60647.
Canadian Lesbian And Gay Archives. Good selection of queer zines; friendly staff. 56 Temperence St. PO Box 639, Station A, Toronto M5W 1G2. Phone (416) 777-2755. Email: queeries@clga.ca.

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