Stars front-man takes on anti-gay fans

Two weeks ago, indie rock group Stars premiered the video for (*deep breath*) “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It,” which features members of the Toronto drag community, including Sofonda Cox and Kallista Miran.

While the video was well received by most fans, a certain vocal-but-stupid segment of Stars’ fan base criticized the group for including drag queens in their video. Presumably, you’re just supposed to treat them like they don’t exist and never mention anyone who isn’t straight and gender-normative? I don’t fucking know. Anyway, Stars front-man Torquil Campbell took to Twitter to address the hate and didn’t mince any words in the process.

to those who wrote on facebook to tell us they won’t listen to stars after seeing our beautiful new video: GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE BIGOTS.

you think we give a shit that some hateful imbecile is boycotting us? go listen to ted nugent. and by the way: your parents raised you wrong

how proud jesus would be of all the people who invoke his name to desecrate his message. #pigs

one other thing to the kind of people who are offended by this video; the reason i’m in a band is to fucking offend you.

What gets me about all of this is that the video isn’t offensive at all. I mean yes, it includes drag queens, but the overall tone and message is pure positivity. You can dig through this video for ages, and you wouldn’t be able to find a mean-spirited bone in its body. If you can watch a video with a positive message and read into it negative intentions, I think that says more about you than anyone else. And I mean, really — they’re drag queens. It’s not that serious.

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