Popping culture: The greatest man with the smallest penis.

I have great admiration for one Nick Gilronan, a delivery driver from Queens, New York.

Gilronan recently entered a contest called “The Smallest Penis in Brooklyn” (NSFW), and won.

(photo by Marc Yearsley for Gothamist)

Now, wrap your head around what that means for a minute.

During the contest, Gilronan walked around nearly naked – as well as “pretty much” naked, exposing himself – and his penis – to an appreciative audience. You can see Gilronan’s – and the rest of the competitors – tidbits here (link NSFW).

If you’re the one person on this earth who has never made a small dick joke, then don’t bother reading anymore. But I’m pretty sure that you’ll keep reading because at some point in your life, you’ve made fun of a small dick – either your own or someone else’s.

In an interview with Gothamist, Gilronan is quoted as saying

  • For both men and women, [the media] push out images of people who just aren’t regular normal people. The size of a man’s penis does not matter for who he is as a person or in a relationship. Same thing with breast size. We’re all made in different shapes and sizes, but the media puts pressure on people to look a certain way. Most people do not look that way. Some people let that false sense of body image upset them and they shouldn’t be upset at all. Even worse, some people use those false standards and judge other people. It’s disconcerting.

I’ve known, and had sex with men who have small penises, including one as small as Gilronan’s. And I will admit that both privately and amongst friends, I did feel some pity for the one that was as “big as my thumb.” But you know what? I never bothered to think that perhaps that person liked his penis. Was proud of it. Penises come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And like Gilronan says, so do people.

I don’t limit my preference for body sizes. I’ve dated and been involved with individuals of all types of bodies, from thin to muscled to stocky to obese. If I can think about them and their bodies as being sexy, why would I think a small penis is “unsexy” or undesirable?


It’s not Gilronan’s role in life to educate others about small penises, or body politcs. But that is what he did when he got up on stage and dropped trou for everyone to see. So I would like to thank him for having the chutzpah to get up there for the world to see him. And to maybe get some of us to think about what is sexy, and why.

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