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Whether it's relaxation, an adventure, family travel or cultural here are some travel tips and tricks to get the most out of your vacation

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As international travel opens up again, you may be feeling that itch to head out and rediscover the world. But before you pull out that suitcase, you might want to do a bit of brainstorming. Here are some tips and tricks for dreaming up the holiday you crave, whether it’s kicked-back relaxation time or an amped-up let-loose getaway.

1. Consider what sort of trip you’re after

Before you start browsing for tickets, you must know where you’re going. And in order to find that perfect destination, first focus on the type of vacation you’re dreaming of. Are you yearning for fun in the sun, where you can unwind on the beach or is it the idea of a challenging wilderness adventure that gets you going? If you’re travelling with a cultural admirer, or perhaps an easily bored family member, maybe a fast-paced urban exploration is the journey everyone will enjoy.

2. LGBTQ2S+ research and resources to help with planning

When hitting the road with your partner, family or friends, there are a plethora of places to visit geared towards what you love. Check local government websites in the country you’re visiting. These websites will have done a lot of leg work by curating guides to LGBTQ2S+-friendly destinations— with sample itineraries packed with activity ideas, timing tips and listings of the best hotels for resting your head.

3. Evaluate insurance coverage options with TD Travel Insurance

Visiting an unfamiliar place or experimenting with a new adventure can come with a few nerve-racking moments. Consider including travel insurance in your travel plans to help   in case you experience an eligible unexpected travel emergency abroad. Whether you’re an occasional road tripper to frequent flyer, TD Insurance has multiple plans available. With the option of selecting a Single-Trip or a Multi-Trip plan, TD Insurance could have the right coverage for you and your family.

TD Insurance Single-Trip Medical Plans can accommodate the occasional traveller, while those who have a habit of travelling frequently can choose an annual plan like TD Insurance Multi-Trip All Inclusive Plan.

TD Insurance offers Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance, which can help protect Canadians from eligible unexpected and prepaid expenses that may arise for a variety of covered reasons, such as illness or injury.

Hot tip: depending on the TD credit card a customer has, they could have a range of travel benefits that may cover trip cancellations, lost baggage, car rental accidents, and certain situations, such as travel medical emergencies. It’s worth a double-check before you start drawing up that itinerary!

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4. Create a packing checklist

It’s always a good idea for travellers to make a list of their wardrobe needs tailored to the must-do activities on their agenda. If you’re tight on space, maybe because you really want to go with just a carry-on, maximize your space by picking neutral outfits that you can accessorize with bolder accessories. Thinking of hitting up São Paulo, Brazil, to take in its gigantic Pride parade and maybe even do some of your own dancing in the streets? Bring a pair of rainbow sneakers along for the ride.

5. Be money-smart

Though 5-star luxury resorts have appeal, it’s important to choose a trip that matches your budget, too. Flights and accommodations are the obvious big-spender items for vacations, but don’t forget to set a budget that accounts for food, activities, service tips, and travel documents like visas. First things first: do some exchange rate-related Googling to figure out how much your CAD is worth in the destination where you’re vacationing. Then, once you have finalized your travel itinerary, consider factoring travel insurance into your budget to help protect you and your family from eligible unforeseen costly expenses. According to a recent TD Travel Insurance survey, one in three Canadians wouldn’t be able to pay more than $300 in unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses.

For Canadians looking to learn more, and travel with confidence on their next adventure, visit TD Insurance for more information and to find a plan that suits their needs.