A penis obsession

I don’t know if I would be mortified or flattered to have people on the internet talking about my penis.

Well, in the case of Olympic athlete Henrik Rummel, that’s pretty much what happened. The member of the US rowing team and his teammates were photographed wearing their gold medals, and Rummel’s member became the talk of the internet. It became such a big deal (no pun intended) that Rummel himself went on Reddit to say that he did not have an erection and that really, thanks internet, but his dick isn’t that big.

Oh, the internet: where people lie about the size of their members, unless they’re Olympians.

Gawker has had a field day with this story, meriting multiple blog posts, including a comparison of Rummel’s member to his medal — the medal is roughly three and a half inches — as has their sister site, Deadspin, posting in the affirmative, that really, it’s big but not that big.



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