Tracking down Toronto’s best budget date nights

Love does cost a thing, unfortunately

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Love might be free, but finding it can cost a small fortune. Dinners, drinks and tickets can add up — especially in the Big Smoke.

Tracking down deals can be an art unto itself. Thankfully, we’ve done the gumshoe work for you — we’ve hunted down the best inexpensive places to have a date in Toronto, so you and you can spend less time fretting and more time enjoying your night out.

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ROM walks

Whether you’re new to Toronto or looking to learn the story of your own backyard, the Royal Ontario Museum offers a bevy of free neighbourhood walks. From Kensington Market to Cabbagetown to Yorkville, these guided tours traipse across the city and highlight the historical, cultural and architectural features of some of our city’s most iconic paths.

Screen Queens

Can’t decide between catching a camp classic and taking in a drag show? Screen Queens has got you covered. The monthly film screening series at The Royal theatre begins with a performance by Allysin Chaynes, after which she leads the audience through a drunk viewing of a beloved classic movie. With past screenings of Heathers, Death Becomes Her and A League of Their Own, celebrating your campy side has never been easier — and with advance tickets costing $12, it’s also never been cheaper.

TSO Soundcheck

Dust off your long evening gloves and monocle — you’re heading to the symphony. In an effort to make high falutin’ culture more accessible, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra offers reduced price tickets through its soundcheck program. The program is aimed at younger audiences, so one of you will have to be under 35, but with tickets costing only $16, it’s a steal compared to what they normally cost.

Nerd Nite

Smart is the new sexy, right? Showing your honey your biceps is nothing compared to flexing your brain muscles. Nerd Nite is a bi-monthly presentation session of loud and proud nerds from across the city. With topics ranging from evolution to LEGO to asteroids, there’s bound to be something of interest to you, regardless of your particular nerdish kink.

Carlton Cinemas

Carlton Cinemas’ $5 Tuesdays are a tried-and-true date option. The theatre also shows some films that don’t make it to the more mainstream theatres, giving this option an indie twist. Plus, it’s conveniently located near the Church-Wellesley village, meaning you can start the date by taking in some Tuesday happy hour specials, such as $10 for two glasses of wine at the Bishop and Belcher or $6 martinis at Boutique Bar.

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