Five signs your boyfriend might be up to no good

How cs2i — a gay-friendly private investigation firm can help

This story was created by Xtra's branded content team alongside Crime Scenes2 Investigations, separate from Xtra's editorial staff.

We all know the story: you meet, you date, you fall in love. Eventually you move in together. Things are great for a while, but gradually, the lustre wears off. While nearly every relationship follows this arc, you’re left with a nagging feeling in some cases. Maybe he seems distant, sometimes secretive. Perhaps your sex life has gone totally dead. You start to wonder: is my boyfriend cheating on me?

You could try to figure it out yourself. But like eyebrow waxing, tailoring and Botox injections, certain things are best left to the professionals. Enter Crime Scenes2 Investigations (cs2i): a gay-friendly private investigation firm that’ll help you crack your case. With years of experience in the field, its team will get to the heart of the situation and find out whether he’s really getting a little action on the side.

While following strict privacy laws and regulations, its top-notch investigators collect detailed notes, photos and videos about your other half’s activities. Though they stress results, its investigators are also going to be objective in their approach. They stick to the facts, fabricate nothing and let you be the judge of what it all means and how you want to proceed.

So how do you know you need to call them? Here are five signs he might be up to no good.

1. He gets extremely jealous

The occasional spark of attraction for someone else is a part of any relationship. But how your partner reacts to such things might tell you more about him that it does about you. If he confronts you about clocking that hot guy at the dog park or hanging out with an attractive friend, he might very well be mirroring his own guilt for playing around.

2. He deletes his texts

Hardly anyone clears their messages unless their inbox is full. But if you note him either dumping everything or selectively removing individual items after a conversation, there’s a good chance he’s got something he doesn’t want you to see.

3. He works more than usual

A lot of jobs these days require employees to stay later or come in on weekends. But if he’s suddenly “at the office” all the time, he might be using it as a cover for being somewhere else.

4. He leaves the room to take phone calls

If you’re in the middle of an Orange is the New Black marathon and he gets a buzz from a client he can’t ignore, it’s just good manners to step out while he deals with it. But if it’s a persistent pattern, no matter the situation you’re in, he’s probably saying something that he doesn’t want you to hear.

5. He suddenly seems way more engaged

While it sounds counterintuitive, a sudden explosion of romance in an otherwise mundane relationship could mean he’s psychologically compensating for his extracurricular activities. It’s probably impossible to figure it out on your own. But with the help of cs2i, you can learn the truth.